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Image of Blood Donation


Blood Donation

21 July - 17 November 2014

The Next National Blood Donation dates at Conway Hall are:

Mon 21st Jul, 2014 09:00-11:30 / 12:45-15:15

Wed 10th Sep, 2014 09:00-11:30 / 12:45-15:15

Mon 17th Nov, 2014 09:00-11:30 / 12:45-15:15

Available to walk in

Appointments can be made


Image of Machiavelli to Mill

Courses & Workshops

Machiavelli to Mill

Thursday Evenings

The Virtual Philosopher presents

Machiavelli to Mill

A six-session introductory course led by Nigel Warburton

This course runs for 6 consecutive Thursday evenings beginning 4th September 2014 (4th, 11th, 18th, 25th Sept, 2nd and 9th Oct)

The course will run from 8.10pm - 9.40pm  in the Bertrand Russell room for the first 4 sessions, and in the Library for the last 2. 

A mixture of short lectures and group discussion focussed on classic works of political philosophy exploring questions of continuing relevance that emerge from them. No prior knowledge of philosophy assumed. 

Topic covered include: Must political leaders have 'dirty hands'? What is the justification for having a state? What is property? Must a legitimate state have the consent of the people? Can you remain free while being part of a democray? What is alienation? What are the limits of individual  freedom of expression in a civilised society?

Week 1. Niccolò Machiavelli The Prince

Week 2. Thomas Hobbes Leviathan

Week 3. John Locke Second Treatise on Civil Government

Week 4. Jean-Jacques Rousseau The Social Contract

Week 5. Marx - The German Ideology Part One

Week 6. J.S. Mill On Liberty and The Subjection of Women

Full price for the course (6 sessions) is £100 payable in advance via the website. Concessions (students, unemployed, OAPs, those who have already signed up for or completed the Philosophy: the Basics  course) £80 using the drop down menu on the button.

maximum class size 35

teaching style: a mixture of lectures and discussion

No prior knowledge of philosophy assumed

Image of Philosophy the Basics evening course

Courses & Workshops

Philosophy the Basics evening course

Thursday Evenings

The Virtual Philosopher presents

Philosophy: the Basics

A six-session introductory course led by Nigel Warburton

maximum class size 35

teaching style: a mixture of lectures and discussion

No prior knowledge of philosophy assumed

This course runs for 6 consecutive Thursday evenings beginning 4th September 2014 (4th, 11th, 18th, 25th Sept, 2nd and 9th Oct)

The course will run from 6.30p.m. -  8 p.m. (doors open from 6.15pm) in the Bertrand Russell room for the first 4 sessions, and in the Library for the last 2.

The price for the 6-session course is £100 payable in advance

Image of Ocean Film Festival – UK Tour

Film & Theatre

Ocean Film Festival – UK Tour

16 September - 7 October 2014

16-17, 30 Sep & 7 Oct 2014

Snowline Media presents

Ocean Film Festival – UK Tour

The festival brings you the world’s most amazing ocean films, both above and below the surface.

Immerse yourself in the wonders of the ocean without getting your feet wet! The festival brings you 11 of the world’s most amazing ocean films, both above and below the surface.

From its Australian origins, this extraordinary collection of films document the beauty and power of the ocean, and celebrate the divers, surfers, swimmers and oceanographers who live for the sea’s salt spray; who chase the crests of waves; and who marvel at the mysteries of the big blue. A truly inspiring and thought-provoking evening, with great prize giveaways!

Tickets: £13/£11.50 concession

7:45pm – 10:30pm

Image of Piano Auction

Special Events

Piano Auction

Thu 25 Sep 2014, 12.00

Grand Pianos & Uprights

Piano Auctions Ltd continue to have one of the largest selections of second-hand Steinways and our next sale on 25 September 2014 is no exception; with old un-reconditioned grands, old rebuilt grands, recent grands, and Art Cased grands and uprights.

With all sizes from 5ft 6ins to full 9ft concert grands there is something to suit everyone's pocket!

Viewing takes place for two days before and on the morning of the sale.

Image of Maggini Quartet

Sunday Concerts

Maggini Quartet

Sun 28 Sep 2014, 18.30

Photos by Melanie Strover

Julian Leaper violin
David Angel violin
Martin Outram viola
Michal Kaznowski cello

Pre-concert talk at 17.30:
The Maggini Quartet introduces William Mathias's Second String Quartet

Mozart Quartet in B flat K458 'The Hunt'
Mathias Quartet No.2 Op.84
Mendelssohn Quartet in E flat Op.44/3

Formed in 1988, the Maggini Quartet is one of the finest British string quartets.  Its acclaimed recordings have won international awards including Gramophone Chamber Music Award of the Year, Diapason d’Or of the Year and a Cannes Classical Award, and have twice been nominated for Grammy Awards.  The Quartet is currently recording the complete Mendelssohn quartet cycle for Meridian Records.

The Maggini Quartet appears frequently in prestigious concert series at home and abroad and makes regular media broadcasts. Recent international visits have included Dubai, Switzerland, the Netherlands and a major tour of Germany last autumn. The Quartet tours in Norway every summer, and will be returning to France in autumn 2014.

£9 tickets, £4 for full-time students (free entry for under-16s)

Doors open at 17.00. Pre-concert recital at 17.30. Main Concert 18.30.

Image of Sunday Assembly  - Assemble Everywhere


Sunday Assembly - Assemble Everywhere

Sun 28 Sep 2014, 11.00

Sunday Assembly presents

Assemble Everywhere

September 28th is going to be a big day because, across the world, there will be new Assemblies launching. We don’t yet know exactly how many are going to launch, we do know that thousands of people will be coming together to celebrate being alive. Thousands of people, who didn’t know each other before, coming together to form new communities.

Ruth Kaiser is bring positivity from California, we’re bringing songs and joy – we’d love you to be there.

We’ll be livestreaming and linking to all the Assemblies across the globe as we celebrate this movement going from strength to strength.

Awesome songs, a fantastic speaker and, of course, tonnes of cake!

Free entry: donations welcome!

Image of Stop the First World War

Talks & Lectures

Stop the First World War

Tue 30 Sept 2014, 19:00

Oppositions to the Great War

A series of talks and discussions every Tuesday evening at 7pm from September 30th to November 11th 2014.

Curated by Deborah Lavin, and presented by Conway Hall Ethical Society and the Socialist History Society.

Until the very day before the British government declared war on Germany, the Liberal foreign secretary Sir Edward Grey was claiming that despite the Ententes with Republican France and Tsarist Russia, Britain had no binding commitments to join them in the threatened war against Germany. And many, including a substantial number of  M.P.s in the ruling Liberal Party, believed Britain not only could, but would remain neutral; as it had done in the Russo-Turkish War of 1878-1879 and the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871.

There is no doubt that when war was declared on August 4th 1914, there was a great wave of patriotic feeling, but the now conventional myth that the First World War was supported patriotically throughout by the overwhelming majority of all classes and political groupings in Britain and the British Empire, is merely that, a myth.

With the long prepared “Defence of the Realm Act” (DORA) passed within days of the declaration of war "No person shall by word of mouth or in writing spread reports likely to cause disaffection or alarm among any of His Majesty's forces or among the civilian population”  allowing for the imprisonment of anti-war dissidents, there was from the start serious opposition to the war

Week 1: Norman Angell - liberal, radical, socialist, pacifist or patriot?

Prof Martin Ceadel

Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1933, Norman Angell, journalist, peace pundit was a founding member of the “neutralist” Union for Democratic Control, Initially a Liberal from 1929-1931, he was Labour M.P. for Bradford 

The best-seller of 1910 that made Norman Angell’s name as a peace pundit, The Great Illusion, combined pacifist and pro-defence arguments in a fashion which later caused him much intellectual grief.  And the neutralist campaign in response to the First World War that identified him as a rising star of the British left was based on a mix of often contradictory ideas.  

Martin Ceadel is a Professor of Politics at the University of Oxford and a Fellow of New College where he has taught since 1979. His research has concentrated on the politics of war prevention with special reference to Britain’s peace movement. The most recent of his five single-authored books is Living the Great Illusion: Sir Norman Angell, 1872-1967 (2009).

Entry £5/£3 (Ethical Society and Social History Society members)

Image of New Scientist Live - Exposing climate change

Special Events

New Scientist Live - Exposing climate change

Wed 1 Oct 2014, 18:30

New Scientist Magazine presents

New Scientist Live - Exposing climate change

Friederike Otto, Post Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Oxford

Alice Bows-Larkin, Reader, University of Manchester

One of the irritating things about climate change is that its effects are often unpredictable and invisible. These factors only increase controversy. But scientists are working to expose its impacts: to understand whether the extreme weather events we're seeing are linked to increased carbon in the atmosphere and to identify what we need to do to starve off the dangerous consequences of climate change.

Doors to Conway Hall will open at 6pm, the talk will commence at 6:30pm.

Tickets £14/£12

Tickets will only be available in advance through Eventbrite (subject to availability).

Image of MusicUpClose - On the Brink of War

Courses & Workshops

MusicUpClose - On the Brink of War

Wed 1 Oct 2014, 19:00

The Conway Hall Ethical Society, sound collective and Trinity Laban presents

MusicUpClose V: Music under Fire – Music in London and Paris during World War One

Curated by Professor Barbara L. Kelly, with sound collective and musicians from Trinity Laban Conservatoire/Royal College of Music

Session One: On the Brink of War
Wednesday 1 October, 19.00
Presenter: Barbara Kelly
Works to be performed: Ravel Trio, Vaughan Williams On Wenlock Edge etc.

The flash plugin is required to play this video.

Our first session explores music written and performed on the eve of the First World War.   It was a period of considerable experimentation, freedom and artistic confidence.  European composers were challenging traditional rules of melody, harmony and form.  They were also playing with size of musical forces from the huge orchestra of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring to small chamber works for just a few instruments and often voice.  It is easy to forget that there was considerable musical interaction between composers from very different national traditions.  The English composer, Vaughan Williams came to Paris to work with Ravel; Ravel spent time with the Russian composer, Stravinsky, and both wrote works inspired by the Austrian Schoenberg.  We will hear works by a number of these composers tonight, including Ravel’s colourful Trio and Vaughan William’s lyrical On Wenlock Edge.  Come and join us in an evening of live music and discussion with Barbara Kelly and musicians from sound collective and Trinity Laban Conservatoire.

Tickets for each session are priced at £10 adv. online (£12 on the door). There's a special discount for teachers and their students (14+ years old) at £35 per group for one single session.

Advance for all six sessions is £50 in advance. (which can be bought here)

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