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Image of Blood Donation


Blood Donation

21 July - 17 November 2014

The Next National Blood Donation dates at Conway Hall are:

Mon 21st Jul, 2014 09:00-11:30 / 12:45-15:15

Wed 10th Sep, 2014 09:00-11:30 / 12:45-15:15

Mon 17th Nov, 2014 09:00-11:30 / 12:45-15:15

Available to walk in

Appointments can be made


Image of Ocean Film Festival – UK Tour

Film & Theatre

Ocean Film Festival – UK Tour

16 September - 7 October 2014

16-17, 30 Sep & 6-7 Oct 2014

Snowline Media presents

Ocean Film Festival – UK Tour

The festival brings you the world’s most amazing ocean films, both above and below the surface.

Immerse yourself in the wonders of the ocean without getting your feet wet! The festival brings you 11 of the world’s most amazing ocean films, both above and below the surface.

From its Australian origins, this extraordinary collection of films document the beauty and power of the ocean, and celebrate the divers, surfers, swimmers and oceanographers who live for the sea’s salt spray; who chase the crests of waves; and who marvel at the mysteries of the big blue. A truly inspiring and thought-provoking evening, with great prize giveaways!

Tickets: £13/£11.50 concession

7:45pm – 10:30pm

Image of MusicUpClose: Music under Fire – Music in London and Paris during World War One

Courses & Workshops

MusicUpClose: Music under Fire – Music in London and Paris during World War One

1 October - 11 November 2014

MusicUpClose V: Music under Fire – Music in London and Paris during World War One

A project devised by sound collective, Simon Callaghan and Conway Hall (London), in collaboration with Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, Greenwich.

MusicUpClose is an innovative series of performing events based at London's Conway Hall. Professional musicians and postgraduate students from Trinity Laban help to illuminate not only specific pieces of classical music, but also the way in which they think about music and performing.

Tickets for each session are priced at £10 adv. online (£12 on the door). There's a special discount for teachers and their students (14+ years old) at £35 per group for one single session.

Advance for all six sessions is £50 in advance. (which can be bought here)

This series will provide illumination for anyone passionate about music, whether or not you have any previous knowledge! The interactive sessions will be presented in an accessible way, excluding unnecessary technical terms, and will allow the audience to interact and explore what goes on in the minds of players during rehearsals and performances. The locations will be intimate and audience and performers will be – as the title suggests – UpClose. In addition, each session will feature eminent musicians as our guest presenters.

MusicUpClose V: Music under Fire – Music in London and Paris during World War One

Curated by Professor Barbara L. Kelly

Session One: On the Brink of War
Wednesday 1 October, 19.00
Presenter: Barbara Kelly
Works to be performed: Ravel Trio, Vaughan Williams On Wenlock Edge etc.

(more info)

Session Two: Musical Responses to War
Wednesday 8 October, 19.00
Presenter: Barbara Kelly
Works to be performed: Debussy Cello Sonata etc.

(more info)

Session Three: Jane Bathori – A Voice in the War
Wednesday 22 October, 19.00
Presenter: Barbara Kelly
Featuring: Choral group, VERISMO
Works to be performed: Ravel Histoire Naturelles, Satie Trois Mélodies, Debussy Chansons Charles D’Orléans, Ravel: Trois Chansons pour choeur mixte, Satie Parade etc.

(more info)

Session Four: Britain at War: the lads that will never be home 
Wednesday 29 October, 19.00
Presenter: Barbara Kelly
Works to be performed: Songs for Baritone & Piano by Butterworth, Bridge, Vaughan Williams, Quilter, Scott etc.

(more info)

Session Five: In Memoriam - bells and sounds of War
Wednesday 5 November, 19.00
Presenter: Barbara Kelly
Works to be performed: Poulenc Sonata for Two Clarinets, Stravinsky Three Pieces for Clarinet etc.

(more info)

Session Six: Music Under Fire in Paris and London
Tuesday 11 November, 19.00
Presenter: Barbara Kelly
Featuring: Badke Quartet, Sadie Fields violin, Daniel Broncano clarinet, Olivia Ray mezzo soprano, Tom Hammond conductor
Works to be performed: Ravel Mallarmé Songs, Elgar Piano Quintet, Stravinsky A Soldier’s Tale (trio version), Ethel Smyth Songs

(more info)

Below are just some of the fantastic quotes that we have had for MusicUpClose from our audience members:

"This is an innovative series which develops interest and understanding of music and can be enjoyed by people of all musical knowledge and ability, from the beginner to the advanced"

"The series was very interesting and illuminating. I particularly enjoyed and appreciated having real musicians talking, singing, playing and conducting every week...UpClose!"

"It was a real privilege to be able to sit amongst the orchestra and follow the music and the conductor with the 1st and 2nd Violins - never to be forgotten! It was also good to have the chance to chat to the musicians individually."

"Inside the Music was an original evening - very informative and most memorable. Some more please! Many thanks to all involved - organisers, presenters and of course the orchestra, you did a great job!"

"Sitting among the woodwind in the Beethoven performance was (I think) the closest I am going to get to heaven!"

Image of LONDON 2014 Interactive Humanitarian Conference


LONDON 2014 Interactive Humanitarian Conference

Sat 4 Oct 2014, 10:00

One People, One World presents 

LONDON 2014 Interactive Humanitarian Conference

This Interactive Conference will showcase for the very first time, humanitarian individuals, groups and organisations adopting a 'unified approach' to address the urgent global humanitarian challenges that we face today.

In the face of a 'series of global humanitarian crises' (Climate Change, Food Production Concerns, War, Poverty, Rapidly Increasing Population, Ongoing Global Economic Problems, Increasing Lifestyle Costs and Stresses, Job losses due to Technology Improvements,...) - how should we as a people respond?

If we are serious about wanting to see truly 'positive change in the world', then we need to join forces and adopt a 'unified approach' to address these major global concerns.

This will be a full participation conference with 'Interactive Sessions' (on the Main Floor and Online) where your ideas and positive engagement will be encouraged and most welcome. 

PLEASE NOTE: We will be FILMING the event for future campaigns and a possible documentary. During the day, you will also have the opportunity to participate in some one-to-one video interviews if you wish. Thank You.

Seat Reservations:

FREE and Donation.

10AM – 4.30PM

Image of Allegri Quartet

Sunday Concerts

Allegri Quartet

Sun 5 Oct 2014, 18.30

Ofer Falk violin
Rafael Todes violin
Dorothea Vogel viola
Vanessa Lucas-Smith cello 

Pre-concert talk at 17.30:
By composer, Alec Roth

Haydn Quartet in D Op.1/3
Alec Roth Quartet No.3
Brahms Quartet in C minor Op.51/1

As the Allegri Quartet celebrates its 60th anniversary, making it Britain's oldest chamber group, it looks back upon its key role on the British musical scene. It has worked with composers such as Benjamin Britten, Michael Tippett, Elizebeth Maconchy, John Woolrich, Anthony Payne, James MacMillan, Matthew Taylor and Alec Roth, collaborating with new commissions and recordings.

Having completed a Beethoven and Shostakovich Cycle at King's Place in London, it is continuing with a further cycle in September 2013 in Switzerland and Benslow, UK. The process of recording the cycle has begun with the forthcoming release of the first CD of the Op 18's, on the Vivat label, recorded on Hi-Definition audio at the Yehudi Menuhin School's concert Hall.  Forthcoming projects include invitations to Italy and Uzbekistan, two World premiers of Quartets by Alec Roth, for the Salisbury International Festival, and Malvern Music Club, and a host of birthday celebrations throughout the UK.

£9 tickets, £4 for full-time students (free entry for under-16s)

Doors open at 17.00. Pre-concert talk at 17.30. Main Concert 18.30.

Image of Stop the First World War

Special Events

Stop the First World War

Tue 7 Oct 2014, 19.00

Oppositions to the Great War

A series of talks and discussions every Tuesday evening at 7pm from September 30th to November 11th 2014.

Curated by Deborah Lavin, and presented by Conway Hall Ethical Society and the Socialist History Society.

From Ivory Tower to Activist:

Persistent Dissent: Bertrand Russell's response to the War and Conscription.

Chris Bratcher

At the onset of WWI, Bertrand Russell was aged 42, an eminent don at Trinity College, Cambridge, regarded in awe for his ten years' labour on Principia. Culturally and by birth, he was a leading member of the liberal intelligentsia. His anticipation of the cataclysm started his lifelong reasoned and passionate dissent from the conventional varieties of Establishment England. The talk first covers his reasoned objections to the war and his analysis of the failures of diplomacy (and its meretricious course under Sir Edward Grey, the Liberal Foreign Secretary).

In his opposition to the war, Russell discovered new bedfellows: socialists and pacifists; and a world of censorship. His defiant championing of the No Conscription Fellowship in 1916, and his condemnation of the treatment of Conscientious Objectors, resulted in his imprisonment and the loss of his academic fellowship.

Chris Bratcher is a former Chair of Conway Hall Ethical Society, and has given talks, largely on ethical issues at Conway Hall over many years.  He has developed a special interest in Bertrand Russell arising from his academic discipline of philosophy, and from a lifelong involvement in Peace and the CND movements.

Ramsay MacDonald and World War One

John Grigg

Ramsay MacDonald resigned his leadership of the Labour Party over his opposition to the First World War allowing Arthur Henderson to take over the leadership.

The Labour Party was a federation Trades Unions, the Independent Labour Party (ILP) and the Fabians. The ILP backed MacDonald, while the TUs supported the war. The ILP did not exactly suit MacDonald, Many were pacifists which MacDonald was not and some were Marxists or near-Marxists for whom war was the inevitable product of Capitalism. MacDonald believed the matter was more complex.

John Grigg, Treasurer of Labour Heritage and a researcher into local Labour History in West London and one time Labour Leader of Hounslow Council.

Entry £5/£3 (Ethical Society and Social History Society members)

Image of MusicUpClose - Musical Responses to War

Courses & Workshops

MusicUpClose - Musical Responses to War

Wed 8 Oct 2014, 19:00

MusicUpClose V: Music under Fire – Music in London and Paris during World War One

Curated by Professor Barbara L. Kelly, with sound collective and musicians from Trinity Laban Conservatoire/Royal College of Music

Session Two: Musical Responses to War
Wednesday 8 October, 19.00
Presenter: Barbara Kelly
Works to be performed: Debussy Cello Sonata etc.

The flash plugin is required to play this video.

In this second session, we look at how composers responded to war.  War was often evident in the music they wrote as well as in their private letters and public pronouncements.  Those unable to take part in the fighting often used their art to support the war effort.  Elgar and Debussy are good examples.  Prevented by age and illness to defend their country, they wrote musical tributes for the King Albert book.  It was a political and artistic tribute by politicians and artistic figures in response to the German invasion of Belgian in 1914.  We will hear Elgar’s Carillon and an extract of Debussy’s Berceuse Heroique.  Debussy liked to hide musical clues in his music.  If you listen closely, you can hear the Belgian national anthem in the Berceuse and a musical contest between Germany and France in En Blanc et noir.  The highlight of the evening is a performance of Debussy’s Sonata for Cello and Piano.  Here private and public lives merge as we puzzle over the significance of this majestic work by a dying musician and national figurehead.

Tickets for each session are priced at £10 adv. online (£12 on the door). There's a special discount for teachers and their students (14+ years old) at £35 per group for one single session.

Advance for all six sessions is £50 in advance. (which can be bought here)

Image of London Thinks: Shouting Back

Special Events

London Thinks: Shouting Back

Thu 9 Oct 2014, 19:30

Conway Hall Ethical Society presents

London Thinks - Shouting Back

With Laura Bates, Caroline Criado-Perez. Chaired by Samira Ahmed.

Two of the UK's finest feminist firebrands will discuss the evolution of 21st Century feminist campaigning and how to solve the problem of institutionalised sexism in society.

Caroline Criado-Perez is a freelance journalist and feminist campaigner. She is co-founder of The Women's Room, an organisation and database that campaigns for more women experts in the media, and she led the campaign to keep women on banknotes, for which she received a barrage of rape and death threats. She has a degree in English Language & Literature from Keble College, Oxford, is completing an MSc in Gender at LSE, and is currently writing a book about inspiring women around the world, called Do It Like A Woman: The New Pioneers, which will be published by Granta in 2015. Caroline was the recipient of the Liberty Human Rights Campaigner of the Year Award 2013.

Laura Bates is the founder of the award-winning Everyday Sexism Project, an ever-increasing collection of over 70,000 women's experiences of gender imbalance. The project has expanded into 18 countries worldwide and become internationally renowned, featuring in media from the New York Times to French Glamour, CNN to Grazia South Africa, Cosmopolitan to the Times of India.

Laura writes regularly for the Guardian and the Independent and her work has appeared in the Financial Times, Grazia, Red Magazine and the New Statesman among others. She works closely with MPs, police forces, schools, universities and businesses to use the data collected by Everyday Sexism to create concrete real-world change.

Laura is Contributor for Women Under Siege, a New York-based organisation working against the use of rape as a tool of war in conflict zones worldwide.

Laura was named one of the Huffington Post's 'Most inspirational women of 2012' and a Woman of the Year 2013 by Cosmopolitan and the Sunday Times. The Guardian named her as a 'Rising Star' to watch in 2014. She was named one of the 50 most influential Left-Wingers in the UK by the Telegraph and one of the 50 top tweeters to follow by the Times. She won the 'Smart Woman' award at the Red Magazine women of the year awards in 2014.

Laura is also Patron of Somerset and Avon Rape and Sexual Abuse Support, SARSAS (formerly Bristol Rape Crisis).

Laura’s first book, 'Everyday Sexism', was published by Simon and Schuster in 2014.

The event will be chaired by Samira Ahmed.

Samira has worked as a News Correspondent and a reporter on the Today programme and Newsnight, where she was one of the first broadcast journalists to investigate the rise of Islamic radicalism on British university campuses in the early 1990s.

She covered the OJ Simpson case as BBC Los Angeles Correspondent and was a presenter and reporter at Channel 4 News from 2000 to 2011.

Samira won the Stonewall Broadcast of the Year Award in 2009 for her film on so-called "corrective" rape in South Africa, and made the acclaimed Channel 4 documentary series Islam Unveiled. Samira has also worked as a news anchor for BBC World and for Deutsche Welle TV in Berlin, and writes regularly for newspapers and magazines including The Guardian, The Independent and The Big Issue.

Tickets: £15 Standard Advance. £5 Conway Hall Ethical Society Members/Concessions. Please book your tickets using the Eventbrite booking link below.

Doors & Reception: 18:30. Start: 19:30. Ends: 21:30

Complimentary wine and nibbles are available from 6.30pm.

London Thinks is Conway Hall Ethical Society's monthly discourse on the big issues and problems of society in our age. 

Image of Trans*Figurations: What's it really like to be the T in LGBT?


Trans*Figurations: What's it really like to be the T in LGBT?

Fri 10 Oct 2014, 19:30

London LGBT Humanist present

What's it really like to be the T in LGBT?

In a series of 10 minute talks trans people speak about the realities of being part of the diverse LGBT community.

Followed by debate - How much do trans people have in common with LGB people? How can we improve our understanding of each other? 

Speakers include: 

Mzz Kimberley - Performer

Natacha Kennedy - Academic 

AJ McKenna - Poet 

CN Lester - Musician 

Doors and bar open at 7pm. Event starts at 7.30pm.

Image of Climate Change: a philosophical debate

Special Events

Climate Change: a philosophical debate

Sat 11 Oct 2014, 10:30

A Day Conference and Colloquium arranged by the Philosophical Society of England  

Climate Change: should science guide politics – or politics guide science?

Anthropogenic climate change has been described as one of the most serious problems facing the 21st century, yet public debate of the issue is plagued by uncertainty. What are the likely consequences and what costs would be involved in attempting to mitigate them? Science and mathematics are needed to test the empirical claims and to consider the questions they raise about risk assessment and probability. But, alongside the natural sciences, ethics, philosophy and the social sciences also have a crucial role to play. 

10.30 a.m. Arrival and registration.

11.00 a.m. 'Cosmopolitan Ethics in the Anthropocene'
Michael Northcott, Professor of Ethics at the University of Edinburgh
Chair: Dr. Henry Tam

1 p.m. Lunch.

2 p.m. ‘Technology introductions in the context of decarbonisation: lessons from recent history’
Michael J Kelly, Professor of Technology, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge .
Chair: Professor Brenda Almond

3.45 p.m. Tea and opportunity for informal discussion


Registration charge, including lunch and morning and afternoon tea or coffee, is £15.

Payment is required by October 1st 2014 but places can be reserved by sending a deposit of £5 to the Hon. Sec. at the address below. For conference enquiries please contact the Chair of the Society, Michael Bavidge: Cheques should be made out to ‘The Philosophical Society of England’ and sent to the Honorary Secretary of the Society Alan Brown, 9 Olney Court, Oxford OX14LZ.

Registered Charity No. 1140044.

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