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The Conway Cohort

Weds 1st Apr 2015, 19:45

The Conway Collective presents:

The Conway Cohort - a sharing of work in progress

8 dancers are being given space, mentoring, and performance opportunities as part of an exciting new artists’ residency scheme at London's iconic Conway Hall funded by Arts Council England.

They are

Jade Montserrat, Siân Goldby, Lydia Cottrell, Mark Carberry, Chantal Francis, Briar Adams, Laura Brera, and Tania Soubry.

Tonight our eight dancers will be showing some of the work they are making in Conway Hall for the very first time.

Join us for this unique opportunity to see the freshest of new work by the most exciting young dancers in town. 

Tickets £5

Art Council UK

Image of Spiritualists

Film & Theatre


Sun 19 April 2015, 16:00

The Conway Collective presents:

Spiritualists, a rehearsed reading of a new play loosely based on the Rochester Rappers

written by Anne-Sophie Marie

In the years preceding the American Civil War, a young spiritualist medium struggles with her profession, her beliefs and her powers.

Margaret and her two sisters earn a living through séances, passing for the real thing by using various tricks to fool their audience.

When Margaret meets Elisha, an explorer who remains a sceptic, something triggers the kind of experience she usually only pretends to have. As other events unfold, Margaret no longer knows her own mind nor the kind of life she must lead to survive while keeping her integrity.  

Tickets: £5

Image of Counterpointe

Film & Theatre


Thu 7 May 2015, 19:45

The Conway Collective presents:

CounterPointe Shorts: new work by women for pointe

CounterPointe is a performance series dedicated to presenting the latest experimental, innovative, risk-taking choreography that shows a depth of investment in ballet by women dance makers working with the pointe shoe. Investigating new and old territory the series highlights new work, opening up discussion, and creating a forum for women, young or old, emerging or established, to take risks. 

Presented by Norte Maar’s Julia Gleich with Briar Adams and in collaboration with Conway Collective. 

This instalment of CounterPointe Shorts will feature informal showings of new works and post-performance discussion. Past post-performance talks have been led by: Claudia Jeschke, Karole Armitage, and Susie Crow. 

I remember one of my first ideas in these early punk pointe pieces was to think of pointe shoes as weapons. – Karole Armitage, 2013 CounterPointe

Tickets £10, £8

Image of Parade

Film & Theatre


Mon 11 May 2015, 19:45

The Conway Collective presents:

Parade - a carnival of exhibitionists and seekers, peddlers of tales and talents, a cornucopia of performance delights! 
After the great success of last year's Parade, the elegant main space at Conway Hall echoes once again with memories of the original Ballet Russes, the lost romance of Alain Fournier's Le Grand Meaulnes and the melancholic circus of Federico Fellini.

Curated by Luke Dixon and Jane Turner this Parade will be another glorious unfolding display by experienced individualistic artists of their essential best.

A multiplicity of theatrical forms intertwine as fireworks of ingenuity in Conway's atmospheric theatre emblazoned with the banner:

'to thine own self be true....'

Turner & Dixon bring together 25 years of artistic collaborations in a new mix of both experienced and fresh young talent.

Tickets £10, £5

Image of No Frills

Film & Theatre

No Frills

Wed 8 July 2015, 19:45

The Conway Collective presents:

Dotdotdot Dance Company in No Frills
Three dancers, one voice, one guitar and one percussion box.

No Frills is flamenco stripped down to its bare essence.

Through an exploration of a number of its traditional styles in their most evocative form, this show is a celebration of the raw and nuanced energy that flamenco awakens, not only in the dancer but in the spectator too.

Dancers Noemi Luz, Magdalena Mannion and Yinka Esi Graves, seamlessly interweave their individual styles creating a shared flamenco language which is accompanied by Ana Colom's evocative singing. 

No Frills asks the spectator to put aside pre-conceptions of what flamenco is, instead giving a unique insight into its rhythms, melodies, energy and power.

Tickets £10, £8

Art Council UK

Image of Golem

Film & Theatre


Sun 12 July 2015, 16:00

The Conway Collective presents:


Writer and performer Richard Waring teams up with director Luke Dixon in the creation of a new solo show. 

Times are dangerous for the Jews. Their windows are being smashed, their graveyards overturned, and some are being murdered.
They are even being accused of using the blood of Christian babies in their Passover bread.
The threat of violence is ever present.
One dark night a Rabbi creates a creature from the mud of the river bank.
It is a being of enormous strength, with power to defend the Jews from those who would destroy them.
But can the old rabbi control his own creation? 

An old tale retold.
Never has the story been more pertinent. 

Only London performance prior to New York. 

Tickets: £10, £5

Image of The Cherry Orchard

Film & Theatre

The Cherry Orchard

Mon 12 Oct 2015, 19:45

The Conway Collective presents:

The Cherry Orchard, directed by Luke Dixon 

A unique performance of Chekhov's great play re-imagined for Conway Hall. 

A large cast, a transformed Conway Hall, a Jewish band, dancing for actors and audience, fires in Red Lion Square, free vodka, all bring to life Chekhov's sublime text.

So special is the task of bringing together the company of artists for this production, it will be given just one performance.

Tickets are strictly limited to 150. Book early to avoid disappointment.  

Tickets: £20

Image of Rock, Chalk and Sausages

Film & Theatre

Rock, Chalk and Sausages

Wed 11 Nov 2015, 19:45

The Conway Collective presents:

The UK premiere of a new work from Natasha Levchenko (Ru) and Caroline Waters (UK).

First meeting in Moldavia in 2003, Natasha and Caroline's passion for improvisation in performance has led them to collaborate on many projects over the years. In January 2015 the two gave a first showing of a new work in progress. Tonight after further work in Russia and the UK, they give the premiere of their new show.
Natasha Levchenko started her dance career at the end of the 80’s in a dance team ‘Slang’ in Ekaterinburg dancing styles of break, funk hip hop. When more information came to Russia after Perestroika her interested started to shift to Dance Theatre, Contemporary, CI, Improvisation/Performance. She can now add Somatic Disciplines to that list. She has been the director of her own dance company Kipling Dance for 15 years based in Ekaterinburg.

Caroline Waters started off studying Mime and Physical Theatre in the early 80’s, which led to a Degree in Theatre at Dartington College of Arts in the UK. Here she got to study across genres all kinds of improvisation in performance. This set her up for a lifetimes work internationally creating work on the road as well as organising many Contact Improvisation and Improvisation in Performance Festivals in Europe, Russia and The USA. After teaching for 15 years at Dartington, before it closed she now teaches at Chichester University and continues to develop her freelance performance work and Festival organising.

Tickets: £10 / £5

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