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Sunday Assembly London

1st & 3rd Sundays, 11.00

The Sunday Assembly presents

The Sunday Assembly

The Sunday Assembly is a godless congregation that meets to hear great talks, sing songs and generally celebrate the wonder of life. It’s a service for anyone who wants to live better, help often and wonder more.

We (usually*) meet every first and third Sunday in the Main Hall.

The Assembly is free to attend, is run by volunteers but need donations to cover hall hire.

London Assembly - Loyd Grossman


Sunday April 6th Assembly: Loyd Grossman talking about Old Buildings

After starting a career in journalism with Harpers & Queen and the Sunday Times he was diverted into television where as a writer, presenter or deviser he was involved in a wide range of programmes including Through the Keyhole, MasterChef, Behind the Headlines, History of British Sculpture, Loyd on Location and Build Britain, He also wrote and presented a series, Composers at Home, for Radio 3.

London Assembly – Changing the World - Mark Stevenson

Mark Stevenson

Sunday April 20th Assembly – Changing the World: Mark Stevenson, incredible author of the Optimist’s Guide to the Future, brings his glass totally overflowing vision of the world to the Assembly, with his guide on how to make that happen. Mark Stevenson is an entrepreneur, author, ideas broker and public speaker.  
“Stevenson wears no blindfold. His tools are curiosity, open-mindedness, clarity and reason.” – Chris Anderson, TED Curator. Mark is the author of the critically acclaimed (and many times translated) An Optimist’s Tour of the Future, but he has also written for The Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, The Economist, The Daily Telegraph, and The New Statesman. His key skill is an ability to take complex or abstract concepts and make them understandable by non-specialists without trivialising the subject matter.

(* Not always! - please check the website for up to date details of events, not the Conway Hall website please. They're too overworked already.)

About the Sunday Assembly:
Sanderson Jones (over enthusiastic, bearded) and Pippa Evans (musical, hilarious) will join their host of inspirational speakers to create a morning that is part-atheist church, part-foot stomping show.
Each themed event has songs, readings and a final address on that topic. No matter what the subject, the goal of The Sunday Assembly is to solace worries, give perspective and inject a bit more whizziness into your daily life.
The Sunday Assembly is the brainchild of comedians Sanderson Jones (international purveyor of The Comedy Sale) and Pippa Evans (BBC Radio 4, Live at the Electric, The Showstoppers) who discovered on one long car journey to a gig that they were both thinking about starting a friendly community gathering for like-minded people.
The Sunday Assembly has had a whole host of fabulous speakers, including Sandi ToksvigMarcus BrigstockeProfessor Richard LayardHadley Freeman and Arthur Smith.

Image of Pexava Salsa


Pexava Salsa

Last Thursday Monthly

Pexava Salsa present
Pexava Salsa Social, with international championship competitors and professional teachers and performers. Salsa lessons, shows, club dancing and more!

The last Thursday of the month, your salsa weekend starts early! Experience an amazing central salsa venue with great salsa people. 

Fantastic, spacious wooden dancefloor, special touches provided by dancers for dancers, the best salsa DJs on rotation, regular shows, cheap soft drinks.

19.15-20.15 Intermediate/Advanced class: with Gil & Shelley (please note: classes are suitable for experienced salsa dancers only; please see our Pexava website for our beginners courses in other locations).

20.15-23.30 Salsa Social: Dance your socks off on a wonderful floor with lovely people! Shows at 22.30 for “Showtime events”.

Tickets: £8 on the door including free class.

Image of Carablanca Tango Club


Carablanca Tango Club


Carablanca Tango Club presents

Carablanca Tango

19.30 - 00.00

Carablanca is London's longest-running tango club. The friendly, informal atmosphere ensures that beginners and visitors mix easily with the regular dancers.

The dance evening is an Argentine milonga, preceded by a class. There are also classes for beginners in a separate room. Music is traditional Argentine tango, milonga and vals, played in tandas with cortinas by guest DJs.

TICKETS: price £10 for a class or dancing, £12 for both, paid on entry.

Image of Tony Benn: Assessing his Legacy for the Left


Tony Benn: Assessing his Legacy for the Left

Sat 26 Apr 2014, 14.00

The Socialist History Society presents

Tony Benn: Assessing his Legacy for the Left 

The Socialist History Society is hosting this seminar to assess Tony Benn's contribution to British politics; speakers will look at the historical roots of his commitment to socialism; his record in and out of office; some of the key causes he championed; and his role as a populariser of history. 

Speakers confirmed:

Lindsey German
Convenor Stop The War

Keith Flett (London Socialist Historians Group) – ‘growing more radical as he grew older' 

Dr Duncan Bowie (University of Westminster/reviews editor, Chartist magazine) –‘the roots of Tony Benn’s socialist commitment’ 

Prof Willie Thompson (Historian, former editor Socialist History) – Why regrettably the Benn project did not succeed 

Stefan Dickers (Library and Archives Manager, Bishopsgate) – Benn as archivist 

Jon Lansman (editor Left Futures/CLPD) - Setting the Standard - What the Left should look for in a Leader

Stan Newens (ex-MP, ex-MEP; President SHS) – Benn as a Parliamentarian 

Dr Kate Hudson (CND general secretary/historian) – Benn the peace and anti-nuclear activist

Image of London Humanist Hustings: European Elections 2014


London Humanist Hustings: European Elections 2014

Tue 6 May 2014, 18.30

The British Humanist Association (BHA), Conway Hall Ethical Society and the Central London Humanist Group (CLHG) presents
A humanist hustings for the upcoming European parliament elections (22 May 2014).

Reserve your place now. This is your opportunity to quiz a cross section of candidates on their views and opinions on all things relating to Humanism.

The discussion will address key issues of interest to humanists in the EU, such as:

  • Secularism and European institutions;
  • Defence of the rule of law, democracy and human rights;
  • Scientific research policy;
  • and International Relations

The need for a strong humanist stance in Europe is more important now than ever. Developing radical populism and reactionary conservatism in many member states has given rise to xenophobia, homophobia and anti-democratic activity. Combined with the weight of powerful religious lobbies, the task facing the Humanism movement in Europe is great.

We will be expecting a lively question and answer session surrounding these issues, and the challenges facing humanists in Europe today.


  • Mary Honeyball MEP, Labour Party
  • Jean Lambert MEP, Green Party
  • Matt J. McLaren, Liberal Democrats
  • Gerard Batten MEP, UKIP
  • Dr. Louise Irvine, NHA party 
  • Caroline Attfield, Conservative Party 

This is a free event and you can register your attendance below.

Start 18.30. Ends 21.30.

Image of Religious Education Teachers' Conference


Religious Education Teachers' Conference

Wed 16 Jul 2014, 10.00

The British Humanist Association, supported by Conway Hall Ethical Society, presents a free day-conference for Religious Education teachers to explore Humanism and the inclusion of non-religious perspectives in Religious Education.

Religious Education teachers know that for their subject to remain relevant and engaging it is vital that it includes non-religious perspectives alongside religious beliefs as part of a broad and balanced curriculum. This view is supported by the Secretary of State for Education and by the Religious Education Council for England and Wales.

Surveys consistently show that a high proportion of young people are not religious, and it is vital that these young people are able to explore their own beliefs as they develop their own moral and ethical framework that will take them through to adult life.

The case for including Humanism in RE as non-religious worldview has never been stronger, but RE teachers will be the first to admit that they would value extra support and resources to be able to confidently include Humanism in lessons.

This day conference is aimed at Religious Education teachers, Head Teachers, Local Authority RE advisors, RE subject specialists and co-ordinators to increase teachers’ confidence and competence in planning and delivering lessons that include Humanism.

Registration is Free

10.00 - 16.00

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