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Overruled - Sam Fowles

In this online talk, barrister Sam Fowles was part of the team that took the Prime Minister to court when he illegally prorogued Parliament.  Fowles helped reveal the rot at the heart of a trusted national institution. We shouldn’t have to take our rulers to court just to get them to follow the rules. At a crucial juncture for British governance, Fowles urges us not to take our freedoms for granted. This talk was recorded in August 2022. Conway Hall, London: Where Ethics Matter. To find out more about our programme of talks and concerts, visit or find us on social media. Conway Hall is a registered charity and as such we are reliant on donations, now more than ever. You can learn more about our origins and history, join our mailing list, make a donation or even become a member of the Ethical Society by visiting And if you enjoyed this podcast, don’t forget to like and subscribe.
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