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Conway Hall is Where Ethics Matter. We curate, support and facilitate people and ideas that make ethics matter in the world. Together, we are Creative, Diverse, Historic, Human and Kind.

With a landmark venue, and over 100 years of championing independent voices promoting equality, social justice, and a better life for all – we call that ETHICS – Conway Hall offers a dynamic platform for those driven by the same passion for change.

You get the perfect stage to create your impact and support us to continue ours.

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Whether it’s the rise of inequality, discrimination, or environmental destruction, there’s a growing consensus that our society must prioritise ethics.

With over 200 years of challenging dogma and encouraging independent thought, Conway Hall seeks to bring people together – both in person and online – to think and talk about how we can live together as humans.

There has never been a greater need for equality, social justice and a better life for all. This is what we call Ethics. This is Conway Hall.

Throughout our history, Conway Hall has been at the forefront of addressing pressing societal issues long before they became mainstream concerns. From advocating for humanism and women’s suffrage to supporting LGBT rights, equal marriage, anti-colonialism, nuclear disarmament, and the foundation of the NHS, we’ve consistently platformed causes that later shaped society.

Conway Hall is the last remaining Ethical Society in the country, with no other organisation or venue dedicated to making ethics matter as we do. We provide a unique space where ideas can flourish, facilitating the development of innovative solutions to the ethical challenges of our time. Uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between ethics and action, Conway Hall aims to be the space in the UK for effective public discussion on ethics.

As ethical concerns grow more prominent, there’s a pressing need for a space like ours to thrive. By supporting our charity, you will help advance ethical dialogue throughout society.

We have the space and ambition for problem solving and with our rich history, we are a proven platform with a legacy of catalysing change.

Join us in creating a brighter, more ethical future for all. Together, we can make ethics matter.

Your support will directly fund initiatives that promote ethical thinking and preserve Conway Hall’s legacy by:

• Enabling us to reach more people by attracting speakers with higher profiles and larger followings, creating a ripple effect of ethical thinking.

• Increasing funding to community initiatives, establishing more partnerships to promote ethical discussion at the grassroots level within diverse communities.

• Allowing us to facilitate talks on specific issues, bringing together experts and the public to explore and address contemporary ethical challenges.

• Ensuring the preservation and conservation of our Library and Archives – the largest Humanist resource in the UK – making them accessible for future generations.

• Continuing to provide outstanding classical music via our historic Sunday Concerts – supporting young musicians and making classical music affordable for all.

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We host talks, concerts, performances, community and social events. However, we are an independent charity and receive no funding from the government. Everything we do is dependent upon our commercial activity and the generosity of supporters like you.

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