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Is the End of Religion Nigh?

In recent years, more and more commentators have questioned what used to be a given: that modernization and industrialization would inevitably lead to the decline of religion. They point instead to a resurgence of religion and the emergence of so-called ‘post-secular societies’. At the same time, though, people are identifying themselves as non-religious in increasing numbers, and are now the majority in the UK. So what is going on? Why does it seem like ‘God is back’ to some but quite the opposite to others?

This illuminating talk by Dr Lois Lee explains why the paradox is not as great as it seems, and provides a fascinating diagnoses of the prospects for religion.

Brockway Room. Doors 10.30. Entry £3, £2 concs./free to Conway Hall Ethical Society members.

Tea, coffee & biscuits will be available.

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