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Autism and ADHD: Living and Loving on the Spectrum

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Autism and ADHD: Living and Loving on the Spectrum Autism and ADHD: Living and Loving on the Spectrum

This Ethical Matters conversation brings together autistic and ADHD panellists – and those that love them – to discuss life and love on the spectrum and what the world could do to accommodate them. This talk is for the neurodiverse, those that love them and those curious about how autistic and ADHD minds tick along.

ADHD Love’s Richard Pink and Roxanne Emery, together with comedian Ria Lina, discuss living as an undiagnosed ADHD and autistic person, what diagnosis means, life, relationships, work and what it means to be on the spectrum today. Do ADHD people feel crippling shame because they struggle with cleaning, personal hygiene, or time-keeping? Do they always feel misunderstood by the people close to them and find that they get frustrated by ADHD behaviours? And, wait, you say you’re autistic but why aren’t you good at maths?

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