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Ethical Eating

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Ethical Eating Ethical Eating

Food is an ethical issue. Join the discussion with author of Avocado AnxietyLouise Gray, alongside Ruth Westcott, Campaign Coordinator for Sustain, as we explore the stories of our five-a-day, from farm to fruit bowl food and discover the impact that our appetite has on the planet.

Louise Gray answers questions about the familiar items in our shopping basket: Is plant protein as good as meat? Is foraged food more nutritious? Could bees be the answer to using fewer chemicals? How do we save genetic diversity in our apples? Are digital apps the key to reducing food waste? Is gardening good for mental health? And is the symbol of clean eating, the avocado, fuelling the climate crisis?

Ruth Westcott coordinates Sustain’s ‘Food for the Planet’ campaign, working to make food central to policies to tackle the climate and nature emergency, including good public sector food, responsible food advertising and halting the spread of industrial meat farming.

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