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A Taste of ACE: experience learning in the style of the School of Tomorrow – David Waldock

18th March 2015 · 7:00pm - 8:30pm

In person | Virtual event

 A Taste of ACE: experience learning in the style of the School of Tomorrow – David Waldock

A Taste of ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) will give you the experience of learning in the style of the School of Tomorrow. You’ll participate in the morning rituals, complete a Taster PACE and gain an insight into how children are viewed in this fundamentalist Christian school system. You’ll also hear about the experiences of ACE survivors, and about the impact it has on their lives, sometimes years after they’ve left. You’ll never view the concept of religiously-inspired education the same….

David grew up in fundamentalist evangelical baptist churches, attending an Accelerated Christian Education School from the age of 11 until he left school at 16. After meeting the right guy at 21, he left church behind, eventually identifying as a philosophical agnostic, but a pragmatic atheist. [cough] teen years later, David has completed a degree in health and life sciences, and post-graduate studies in science and society. Today, he is a civil servant working for a well-loved public institution, and in his spare time, is owned by four cats and campaigns against ACE alongside other survivors.

Doors at 6.30 pm for talk at 7.00 pm

Please arrive early to have a glass of wine from our charity wine bar, find your seat and chat with other members.

Donations to the wine bar will go to David’s chosen charity, The Albert Kennedy Trust

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