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African Health & Wellbeing Day

13th July 2019 · 11:00am - 6:00pm

In person | Virtual event

 African Health & Wellbeing Day

African Health and Wellbeing Day is a landmark occasion that is aimed at the African and African Caribbean communities of Britain. It brings together African centered therapists, wellbeing experts and organisations specialising in mental and physical health for a fun packed festival of educational talks, workshops and presentations. Our aim is to raise awareness of the culturally specific therapies and therapeutic services that build community resilience and healing. It’s a day for breaking the taboos and stigma around accessing support services. It’s a day for showcasing solutions that tackle the shocking health disparities that Black (African and African Caribbean) people face in this country.

The health and wellbeing of our families, our loved ones, and our peers is our responsibility. The team are proud to have convened this space, and extend such opportunity to come together on these critical issues. We look forward your having your knowledge, talents and ingenuity in building the foundations for a healthier future for African and African Caribbean people.

It’s no secret that disproportionate rates of people from the Black (African and African Caribbean) community have been detained under the Mental Health Act 1983. A 2016 UK study examining detention and assessments under the act found this to be disproportionality associated with higher rates of mental health diagnoses and conditions linked to poorer levels of social support, poverty, racism and state violence.

In Britain, young African Caribbean men in particular are one of the most overrepresented minority groups in inpatient mental health services. Compounding that, the mental health needs of Black (African & African Caribbean) women are also often sidelined, ignored or misunderstood. So despite the extensive research and commentary highlighting multiple reasons for this, among them stigma, cultural barriers and discrimination. What is less discussed is policy, therapies and service provision that counter those issues. In this context, not only is the African Health and Wellbeing Day an occasion to raise awareness about mental and physical health issues affecting the community. It is a day of education on the range of therapies, interventions and services available that tackle poor health outcomes, as well as to celebrate solutions stemming from practitioners and experts of African origin who work with African centred theories and practice.

EXHIBITORS: Meet the best of Britain’s African centered therapists, wellbeing practitioners, natural products vendors and charities.

SEMINARS: Intimate break out sessions and advice with leading wellbeing practitioners.

TALKS & PANEL DISCUSSION: Keynotes one transforming the health and mental health landscape for African and African Caribbean people.

NETWORKING: Meet the people you need to make a difference where you are. Connect with industry peers, contacts and thought leaders.

11am: Doors Open to the Public

11am – 4pm: Exhibition and Seminars in Main Hall

11am – 5.30pm: Keynotes in Conference Room

6pm: Close

This event is in the Main Hall and Brockway Room on the ground floor. For accessibility info:

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