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American Carnage: Does Trump threaten the world?

23rd May 2017 · 7:00pm - 9:00pm

In person | Virtual event

 American Carnage: Does Trump threaten the world?

Authoritarian. Narcissist. Sexist. White nationalist. Terribletweeter. These are just some of the epithets hurled at the 45th president of the United States since his shock election victory.

Join our panel of experts to uncover what Donald Trump really wants – and how he plans to get it. Will he “make America great again”? Or should he make the rest of us very, very worried?

Doors open 6.30pm.


Helen Lewis, New Statesman Deputy Editor

Gary O’Donoghue, BBC Washington D.C. Correspondent

Larry Sanders, former Green Party Parliamentary Candidate and brother of Democrat Senator Bernie Sanders

More speakers to be announced soon…

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