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Beat Your Drum

5th April 2016 · 7:00pm - 9:00pm

In person | Virtual event

 Beat Your Drum

Saying and doing what you really want is challenging, but it’s also the ultimate path towards freedom. Are you ready to remove the mask and be yourself?

Let’s get real. 

When you smile, make it a real smile. 

When you cry, make it a real cry.

So often we tend to hide what we think, feel and want. Even though everything looks normal on the outside, hiding who we are hurts us from the inside. 

There may be fears:

-Of being judged

-Being wrong

-Looking stupid

-That everyone knows better 

any of which can lead to creating a mask, a constant barrier between our authentic selves and the world around us. While wearing a mask we do not express ourselves fully or even anywhere close to that. Neither in actions, nor in words. 

Courage may be needed to remove the mask and to embrace the rawness of authentic expression, but there is no greater experience in life than living the fullest expression of who you are and finding FREEDOM; freedom to wake each morning with self-acceptance and the simple understanding that who you are is perfectly enough. 

You are greater than life itself.

Put aside a few hours to explore freely with the beautifully unhinged and creatively wild Yaron Engler. Reconnect once more with your authentic self.

“Yaron connects with people through his warm, humorous, human and generous qualities, and by doing so encourages people to be and play from the heart. I’ve seen Yaron time after time creating a comfortable atmosphere that allows people to fulfil their abilities, without pressure, but with wise and joyful concentration. His enormous experience as a professional performer and as a coach, gives him endless tools to lead a people so cleverly into progress. Yaron encourages everything that is flowing, that is natural, that is fun, without forgetting the essence of music and life – playing from the inside out. He is all about that, and that’s a very special thing.’ – Hofesh Shechter, choreographer 


about Beat YOUR drum!

Beat YOUR Drum! is a meet up is for:
people who want to connect with other people on a basis of honesty and direct feedback.

people who want to cut the bullshit out of their life and instead live their truth

people who think out of the box and want to live their creativity

people who want to challenge themselves.

people who strive to live fully.

people who want to face their fears and start (or continue) creating meaningful things in their life

Very often there is a big difference between the way you want to act in life and the way you actually do it. In this meet up you are invited to openly share your thoughts and ideas and receive an honest and open feedback from people who go on a similar journey. This process will help you get more clarity about your path both on a professional level and personal level.


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