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Camerata Alma Viva “Paint it Black”

20th September 2015 · 6:30pm - 8:30pm

In person | Virtual event

 Camerata Alma Viva “Paint it Black”

graphic sound – a counter transfiguration


Camerata Alma Viva – string ensemble
Charlotte Maclet – leader / director
Eric Mouret – arranger / composer
Johnny de Mearns – artist
Neil McLean Robertson – artist


Mozart: Divertimento in D K136
Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante in E flat K364 (arr. Eric Mouret)
Shostakovich: Chamber Symphony in C minor Op.110a (arr. Rudolph Barhsai [approved by Shostakovich] – based on Quartet No.8)
Mouret: Paint it Black (inspired by The Rolling Stones) world premiere

Camerata Alma Viva, accompanied by artists Johnny de Mearns and Neil McLean Robertson, will take you on a ‘Visuosonic’ journey through the light and the dark, through heaven and hell and back out the other side. Creating an experience for you and a work of art to define the folly of control and the error of man when the psyche is governed by fear.

Charting the progress of Mozart’s ‘Divertimento’, Camerata Alma Viva and the two painters onstage will guide the viewer into the darkest fear and suffering of Shostakovich’s chamber symphony dedicated to the victims of war and fascism. This depiction of transgression will culminate in an original arrangement of Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones.

Neil and I want to express the aberration that is the movement from the pastoral to the patriarchal…to visually express the disastrous consequences of this modus operandi, whilst offering the perceiver light at the end of the tunnel, a redemptive glance at the beauty beyond…

Johnny de Mearns, artist

Tickets: £10. Free entry for people aged 8 – 25 (courtesy of the CAVATINA Ticket Scheme).

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