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“Can We Breathe Out Anxiety and Boost Our Resilience? A Challenge for Mind And Body” – Margaret Wadsley

4th December 2018 · 7:30pm - 9:00pm

In person | Virtual event

 “Can We Breathe Out Anxiety and Boost Our Resilience? A Challenge for Mind And Body” – Margaret Wadsley

Resilience and anxiety are topics frequently referred to whenever the mental health of communities is mentioned. Anxiety also seems to be on the rise in the world of children and young people. Yoga, mindfulness meditation, talking therapies, herbal supplements and healthier diets are on the increase in schools and clinics. Is this growing confidence in our capacity as human beings to access natural processes to sooth the nervous system, well founded.

Margaret Wadsley will be exploring resilience and anxiety and linking them to issues around attachment. She will highlight connections to Porges Polyvagal Theory and recent discoveries that holistic practices can and do impact resilience positively. She will engage the audience in considering the obstacles to resilience and the factors in society that create greater predispositions to challenges with anxiety and low resilience. Findings from neuroscience research will be shared to give examples of experimental studies that validate claims that ancient practices benefit and calm  mind and body. The lecture will include an experiential element to demonstrate the benefits of holistic practices that include: qigong, yoga, meditation and breath practices.

Margaret Wadsley is a UKCP registered psychotherapist who works with children, adults and families. She has extensive experience as a supervisor of qualified and trainee therapists. Her qualifications include: B.Ed., M.Phil., M.A. (Integrative Psychotherapy); Diploma in Supervision; Advanced Diploma in Education (SEN); CSAP(Certificate of Study in Adlerian Psychology), Introductory Certificate in an Adlerian Approach to Family Counselling. She is also a member of the Dru Yoga Professional Network and qualified to teach Breath~Body~Mind practices. She is currently studying for a Ph.D. with the University of Cumbria. The focus of her research is on explaining practitioner effectiveness.

Margaret has given presentations both nationally, throughout the UK and internationally: in Canada, the USA and Russia. She has also written widely on the subject of personality formation and the links between mind, body and emotion. She has had articles published in a variety of journals. While her overriding interest is in child emotional, social development and learning, she has considerable experience in supporting adults to discover the significance of their early life history and through self-understanding overcome symptoms, for example of anxiety and depression and build resilience, either through therapy or holistic practices.

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