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Defending Progressivism

29th April 2017 · 9:00am - 5:00pm

In person | Virtual event

 Defending Progressivism

Organised by Conatus News and Culture Project (and sponsored by the NSS and BHA) Defending Progressivism is an unprecedented day-long conference focussing on defending social-progressivism (LGBT Rights, Feminism, Environmentalism, Secularism, Irreligiosity, etc.) held in the famed Conway Hall. Not only showcasing some of the most significant challenges to social progressivism through distinguished panel-discussions, individual talks, stalls and book sales, but some of the greatest minds in activism today will exchange views concerning such crucibles and how we, as social-progressives, can begin to get a foothold in opposition to redress them.

Confirmed speakers (more to be added) so far include:

  • Clive Bradley (British screenwriter)
  • Heather Brunskell (Feminst, academic and writer)
  • Benjamin David (Activist, writer and founder of Conatus News)
  • Claire Fox (Writer and director and founder of the think tank the Institute of Ideas)
  • Rahila Gupta (Writer for the Guardian and journalist)
  • Professor AC Grayling (Philosopher and Author)
  • Sara Khan (Award winning counter-extremism and women’s rights activist, author and public speakers
  • Houzan Mahmoud (Kurdish Feminist, Secularist, and co-founder of Kurdish Culture Project)
  • Chris Moos (Secularist, writer and activist)
  • Maryam Namazie (Iranian-born secularist and human rights activist, commentator and broadcaster)
  • Peter Tatchell (Renowned Human Rights campaigner)
  • Lisa Marie Taylor (Feminist Activist involved in various campaigns for women)
  • Terry Sanderson (Secularist and gay rights activist, author, journalist, and president of the National Secular Society
  • Hibo Wardere (Somalian-born campaigner against female genital mutilation, author, and public speaker)

Tickets: £15 standard, £8 student/unwaged (plus fees)

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