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Evidence Matters – Accountable Elections, Effective Politics

22nd July 2015 · 7:00pm - 9:00pm

In person | Virtual event

 Evidence Matters – Accountable Elections, Effective Politics

Prateek Buch

After telling us a little about Sense about Science, Prateek Buch will focus on how asking for evidence can increase public pressure on politicians to use evidence effectively and transparently.

This is particularly apt now that the general election is over. Prateek will draw on topical examples, celebrating where it’s done well (MPs changing their minds, policy trials in areas like education); exposing where evidence is abused (drugs policy, welfare and crime); and sharing insights into the complexity and uncertainty at the heart of how evidence should inform policymaking in the public interest. He will also explore how the public asking for evidence fits with other evidence-related initiatives from Sense About Science’s partner organisations at election time and otherwise – fact checking, improving the supply of evidence and so on.

Prateek Buch is policy director of Evidence Matters, a campaign started by the charity Sense About Science as a collaborative initiative with partner organisations, which builds on their efforts to increase public demand for evidence to be used transparently and effectively throughout public life. Prateek spent 11 years as a research scientist at UCL, developing gene and stem cell therapy for disorders that cause blindness, and is an experienced Westminster policymaker.

You can follow Prateek on @EviMatters or @senseaboutsci

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