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Friday Club – May 2017

12th May 2017 · 1:30pm - 5:00pm

In person | Virtual event

 Friday Club – May 2017
Friday Club meets on a Friday. Our goal is to help you to work on whatever it is that makes you nervous about what lies ahead. We want to help you re-frame how you feel so that you can approach whatever it is that is making you fearful with curiosity, playfulness, and interest, and, with the help of the group, enjoy the thing that part of you wishes you could avoid!
The Club is a 3 hour workshop (arrive from 1.30pm for a 2pm start), full of interactive sessions in which you can play with different tools and approaches and build your “re-framing fear” toolkit and skills. We will have a maximum of 16 places, 8 of which are normally reduced price. Friday Club is not for profit.
We have some very different ways of understanding fear and relating to it – both mentally and physically. Our aim is that this workshop will help you to change your relationship with fear.
Most importantly, it’s a safe place to work with what bothers you most. More details are on the Friday Club website.
We are now operating in association with Conway Hall and base ourselves in the fabulous Brockway Room.
Note: we are happy to try it if you are but Friday Club isn’t designed for phobias – such as fear of flying and fear of spiders.

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