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GN21 Voice Workshop – Visioning The Future

14th July 2016 · 6:30pm - 8:30pm

In person | Virtual event

 GN21 Voice Workshop – Visioning The Future

Join us for a GN21 Voice Workshop to discuss our future vision of the world we live in and how we might make a difference. What is our vision and what can we do to turn those ideas into action and have an impact?

GlobalNet21 engages us all on many issues that are topical at the moment and concern us. But the world is changing fast and it is vital to think what the world will be like in decades to come – and indeed what world we would like to see.

With the level of interconnectivity now possible, an explosion of creativity maybe on the cards, not least because “1000 brains have more capacity that one brain”. The way we do education, politics, economics, individual well-being (including healthcare) and utilize available resources (ie sustainable living) are all amenable to fundamental reform.

What world would we like to see and how do we get there? Well a group of people have been meeting in GlobalNet21 and have started discussing this. How will the world change and how can we have an impact on that. They are interested in carry these ideas forward with as many people as would like to join them. They have called this GN21 Voice.

So to start with they are calling a workshop to flesh out these early ideas and to identify people who have the interest, and commitment to take this new activity forward. To consider setting up Think Tanks as the main vehicle for implementation and to look to creating/giving presentations, publications, letters to newspapers, assessing the radio/TV media, organising TEDx events etc. They will assess their impact and continuously refine procedures.

So if you would like to join them and develop these ideas and action pathways for the way forward then please come along and add to the discussion and debate.

Please come along this evening if you think you would like to be involved and have a passion for improving the way we live and work together.

Those involved are down as Event Hosts and you can contact any of them to find out more information.

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