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Hate and Mental Toughness

23rd February 2016 · 6:30pm - 8:30pm

In person | Virtual event

 Hate and Mental Toughness

Phil Pearl: Hate and Mental Toughness.

When you are born love is not a certainty but hate is guaranteed; others will hate you and you will hate them. You are destined to be the enemy and have enemies.

If we want to be mentally tough in this world then we need to confront our own hate and the hatred from others. We spend endless time and energy singing and talking about love when surely our most pressing issue is hatred.

In this seminar I’ll present some theories and perspectives on hate and some possible ways out of it. I’ll also be interested to hear your thoughts, experiences and contributions too on:

• Being hated and hating others.

• Individual hate and group hate.

• Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Hate.

• The Philosophy of Hate.

• Existentialism and Hate.

• Variations of Hate.

• The benefits and advantages of Hate.

• How to be hated and thrive

Please note! This talk will contain strong language and adult themes but also humour.

Phil Pearl is a Life and Executive coach, Personal Trainer and Clinical Hypnotherapist. He has been in private practice at Harley Street since 2006. He lectures on Existential Philosophy, Existential Coaching and Cognitive Behaviour Coaching (CBT). His primary focus is Mental Toughness for life. He is the organiser of the following meet-up groups for UK CBT Group, Sex, Love and Relationships, Mental Toughness.

Anything else you’ve heard about him is a scandalous rumour or probably true.

City CBT Coaching College will provide a continuing professional development (CPD) letter confirming two hours of CPD.

Brockway Room at Conway Hall

NB: We are unable to provide refreshments at this event, please bring a bottle of water or drink with you

Register and Networking 6.30pm

Event Starts 7.00pm


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