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How to build a personal economy

11th April 2017 · 7:00pm - 9:30pm

In person | Virtual event

 How to build a personal economy

Do you struggle with personal finance? Perhaps you have poor financial habits?

In Britain 30% of people of Black Caribbean descent live in low income households, 50% if you’re Black African. How do we reverse this trend? How can we begin to improve our personal and macroeconomic standing as African people?

In this class, our financial mastery coach Lavinia D Osbourne will help us to develop the foundational mindset and techniques for creating your own personal economy. You will acquire the tools to improve your financially literacy and start a journey of wealth and abundance. We all have aspirations and dreams, whether you want to become and investor, tackle a debt problem, or simply begin breaking the cycle of poverty in your family; this class will help you take responsibility using the most powerful instrument we have, our mindset

Please note: The workshop is not for individual counselling or financial consultation. Our facilitator will not be recommending 3rd party products or services. This class is a practical and interactive workshop to give you the knowledge and fundamentals of creating a personal economy.

What you will learn

  • What money is exactly
  • Transform bad financial habits and improve your personal relationship with money
  • How money works, i.e compound interest, APR’s, investment principles
  • How to search the marketplace for better deals
  • Techniques for creating financial goals and strategies
  • Take responsibility through personal development

Lavinia D Osborne is holistic personal finance coach. She is the founder of Butterfly Wealth Creation, a consultancy that teaches financial literacy, money mindfulness and techniques to master your relationship with money. Lavinia has spent several years working in the finance industry across Europe, including CitiBank, Ernst Young and The London Stock Exchange before she went on to create BWC after the crash of 2008. She is the Author of her upcoming book called “The Little Book of Money Mindfulness”.

£10 (plus Eventbrite fee). Sales start 9th March 2017.

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