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Humane Regeneration

15th June 2017 · 6:30pm - 9:00pm

In person | Virtual event

 Humane Regeneration

We all know the pattern. We’ve seen it before. We’ve seen it happen in Soho. In Dumbo. In Hoxton. In Shoreditch. Artists and creatives move into a cheap, troubled place and make it vibrant, exciting or just plain interesting. Then as sure as anything, along come developers who bring their cash and make lots of money fast and bring new people into the area. You know how this story ends. The artists are moved on to start again somewhere else.

What if it was not like that?

What if we could rethink how regeneration worked?

What if we experienced a more humane form of regeneration, if that is at all possible.

This workshop will explore what Humane Regeneration might look and feel and act like.

Join Gill Wildman from Plot for an interactive workshop designing materials for an alternative future. We’ll bring the tools and methods. Bring your observations of what you see now. This is a hands on active session – we will be chewing over ideas and physically making things. Be prepared to get your sleeves rolled up, bring your imagination as well as your inspiration.

Gill Wildman is co-director at Plot. They use workshops and extensive prototyping approaches to explore the future in different forms: creative business strategy, innovations, propositions, products, services, and new ways of working together. They design and facilitate work with commercial and social sectors.

This event in in the Artists Room on the First Floor of Conway Hall. If you have any accessibility questions, please contac tthe organisers.

Facebook: Humane Regeneration
Twitter: @plotlondon

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This event is organised in partnership with Conway Hall.

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