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Humanistic Psychology and the Adlerian Tradition

15th January 2015 · 7:30pm - 9:00pm

In person | Virtual event

 Humanistic Psychology and the Adlerian Tradition

The Adlerian Society London Lecture: Humanistic Psychology and the Adlerian Tradition

Presented by Dr John Rowan.

John Rowan has been writing on Humanistic Psychology since 1976, when the first edition of his book ‘Ordinary Ecstasy’ came out. The third edition appeared in 2001, with the new subtitle of ‘The dialectics of humanistic psychology’. He has presented workshops in 25 countries, and has written about 20 books. He is a Fellow of the BPS, the BACP and the UKCP. His work appears in ‘Therapy Today’ and ‘Self & Society’. In this presentation he expands on one of his publications: At the moment I am writing the third edition of my book ‘The Reality Game’ which is all about the actual conduct of humanistic psychotherapy. At several points I mention the Adlerian tradition, because Adler was an influence both on Carl Rogers and on Rollo May. Today I would like to expand on this brief mention and open it up for discussion.

TICKETS: Admission £7 (concessions £4) All welcome. No need to book. CPD certificates are available.

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