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Jackee Holder – Paper Therapy: Writing to Grow & Thrive in Life

11th March 2015 · 7:00pm - 8:30pm

In person | Virtual event

 Jackee Holder – Paper Therapy: Writing to Grow & Thrive in Life

A self-development workshop in partnership with Psychologies Magazine (

Writing is powerful and transformative. Writing attunes emotional intelligence, deepens empathy and creativity and cultivates mindfulness, all tools to live a more meaningful life. What if you had access to a creative library of journaling and writing tools that are unique and fun, easy to apply in everyday life, containing therapeutic and psychological benefits and allowing you to take charge, becoming your own best paper therapist?

In this interactive workshop with speaker, coach, writer and Psychologies Life Lab expert Jackee Holder, you will learn:

– How to get excited about journal writing for wellbeing, career and business growth.

– How to have fun regularly writing and making journal entries that don’t feel like a chore.

– How journaling is one of the fastest growing ways to self motivate, improve productivity and performance to grow your passion so you stand out from the crowd.

– A bundle of techniques to coach yourself on paper including juicy journal prompts, journal templates for letter writing, writing poetry and thank you notes.

– How just by turning up to write (and it doesn’t need to be perfect) you improve your chances of greater life satisfaction.

Jackee Holder is the author of four non-fiction titles, a freelance writer and business and success coach who has a passion for journaling and trees and who wholeheartedly believes that writing changes lives and lives, are changed, by writing.

Here’s an interview with Jackee discussing the event.


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