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John Higgs: The Strange Person Theory of History

23rd November 2015 · 7:30pm - 9:00pm

In person | Virtual event

 John Higgs: The Strange Person Theory of History


John Higgs is the author of books about The KLF and Timothy Leary, and a new book that attempts to make sense of the twentieth century, Stranger Than We Can Imagine. It is the strange folk on the edges of culture, he argues, who illuminate those turbulent years.

We travel in the company of some of the most radical artists, scientists, geniuses and crazies of their age. They show us that great innovations such as relativity, cubism, quantum mechanics, postmodernism and chaos maths are not the incomprehensible, abstract horrors that we assume them to be, but signposts that bring us to the world we live in now. 

John brings us an alternative history of the strangest of centuries. He shows us how the elegant, clockwork universe of the Victorians became increasingly woozy and uncertain; and how we discovered that our world is not just stranger than we imagine but, in the words of Sir Arthur Eddington, ‘stranger than we can imagine’.

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