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Landscape Citizenships Symposium

16th November 2018 · 9:00am - 4:30pm

In person | Virtual event

 Landscape Citizenships Symposium

Landscape Citizenships: Grounded in the discourses of ecological, watershed, and bioregional citizenships, this symposium seeks to evaluate belonging through the idea of landscape as landship. This describes substantive, mutually constitutive relations between people and place. The emerging fields of landscape justice and landscape democracy form a background against which to examine issues from folkways to the virtual, migration and inhabitation, nationalism, and speculative futures.

The symposium is being organized by Tim Waterman, Ed Wall and Jane Wolff. It is supported by the University of Greenwich, University of Toronto, Centre for Landscape Democracy (NMBU) and the Landscape Research Group.

See the symposium website for further details –


09:00 Registration and Welcome

09:30 From the Bioregional to the Virtual [Chair: Tim Waterman, UCL Bartlett School of Architecture]

  • Of Spinsters and Species: Locating a Bioregionalist Citizenship in Nineteenth-Century American Women’s Writing – Rachael DeWitt [University of California Davis]
  • The Common Line: engaging landscape and citizenships through art-geography and digital encounters –John Wylie [University of Exeter], Paula Crutchlow, [Blind Ditch / University of Exeter] Volkhardt Muller [Blind Ditch], John Drever [Blind Ditch / Goldsmiths], Chris Hunt [Controlled Frenzy]
  • Living on the Edge (of Place): Territory, Marginality, Identity and the Uncanny – Joern Langhorst [University of Colorado, Denver]

11:00 Unsettling Traditions [Chair: Jane Wolff, University of Toronto]

  • Legacies of Violence: Land, Law, and Indigeneity in the American West – Danika Cooper [UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design]
  • Belonging but not Belonging: Center, Periphery, and the Herders of Mustang – Dane Carlson [REALMS]
  • Debating landscape citizenship on the coast: conflicting views from the Bulgarian Black Sea and Yorkshire North Sea shores – Anna S. Antonova [University of Leeds]

12:15 Lunch Break – please note lunch is not provided

13:15 Citizenships and Urbanity [Chair: Ed Wall, University of Greenwich]

  • Beirut’s shrinking public realm: landscape and political empowerment – Jala Makhzoumi [American University of Beirut]
  • Citizens of Speculation – Christopher Marcinkoski [University of Pennsylvania School of Design]
  • Unearthing Citizenship in Envirotechnical Waste Landscapes – Cathrine De Almeida [University of Nebraska-Lincoln]

15:00 Marginalisation, Migration and Identity [Chair: Shelley Egoz, Centre for Landscape Democracy (CLaD), NMBU]

  • The Right to Landscape: Considering the role of landscape visuality in the afterlives of coloniality – Zannah Mæ Matson [University of Toronto]
  • Spatial inequalities and marginalization: the border-scape condition of Syrian displaced in Lebanon – Maria Gabriella Trovato [American University of Beirut]
  • The Constructed Identity of Disaster Aid Workers and Their Place in the Affected Community – Mary M. Nelan [University of North Texas]

16:30 Summary: Kenneth Olwig [Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Alnarp]

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