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Laughter Yoga Leader Training

20th October 2016 · 10:00am - 5:00pm

In person | Virtual event

 Laughter Yoga Leader Training

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training in London

with Laughter Yoga Master Trainer Lotte Mikkelsen in London (also in St. Albans, Durham and Online)


Become a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and help to spread the laughter in social clubs, yoga and fitness studios, senior care facilities, and in the work place.


This popular course is ideal for individuals who are looking to expand their set of skills and bring more laughter into their lives and the lives of others. Furthermore, the course is suitable for companies and organisations wishing to train groups or teams within their organisation, and provide further professional development activites to their staff.


For further details and information about tailored Laughter Yoga programmes for the workplace or information about Laughter Yoga and laughter training please contact us.


Registration: Please book online.


The world needs more laughter!


The course is held in St. Albans in January, May, September and November, in London in March, June and October, and in Durham in February and July.  It comprises of two days of Laughter Yoga Leader Training as originally outlined by Dr. Madan Kataria.


During the two days you will

  • get an understanding of the need for Laughter Yoga
  • find out how the idea of Laughter Clubs originated
  • learn the basic guidelines for a Laughter Session
  • identify the role of the Anchor Person and Core Group in a Laughter Club
  • get to know the benefits of Laughter Yoga as well as the contra-indications
  • find out how to start a Laughter Club
  • find out how to start your own laughter business

and much more.


At the end of the two days you will, upon successful completion, receive a Laughter Yoga Leader certificate enabling you to get appropriate insurance in order to run laughter workshops as well as allowing you to call yourself Laughter Yoga Leader.


Laughter Warning!

  • it is highly infectious and could seriously affect your health and happiness
  • it is known to cause people to actually enjoy their stress – when applied liberally

For more information please feel free to get in touch on phone 0844 335 1552 o4 07736 341 717 or email

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