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Life by Design – Discover your Purpose and Make it Happen

15th April 2017 · 9:00am - 5:00pm

In person | Virtual event

 Life by Design – Discover your Purpose and Make it Happen

Would you like to…?

  • Discover what your personal purpose is?
  • Find a job that is truly fulfilling and rewarding?
  • Change jobs or career but you are not to sure where to start?
  • Start your own business, but haven’t done much about it?
  • Give yourself a kick up the backside and get yourself moving?
  • Get inspired and motivated?

If you answered YES to the above, LIFE BY DESIGN is for you

LIFE BY DESIGN is a one-day seminar that will take you on a journey to discover or reconnect with your life purpose and help you create a plan on how to make it happen. If you are like most people, you are probably running on ‘auto-pilot’ and have very little time to think of your long-terms goals, the direction that you are going and the other opportunities that you can create for yourself.

LIFE BY DESIGN gives you the space to think about your personal life and career and to re-align what you do today to ensure you are on track to achieve the goals you have set up for yourself. Whether you are an employee, freelancer, business owner or entrepreneur, this workshop will take you on a journey to ACCELERATE your success.

We assess where you are now. We look at how fulfilled you are with your current job and career and identify the strengths, assets, skills, motivation you have. Subsequently, we help you to discover your purpose and reconnect with your vision of the future. We help you identify if you have what it takes to get you there and explore ways of closing the gap. We also help you spot opportunities where you had not seen them before.

How can this workshop help you?

We help you determine if the job you currently have is the best fit for you
We help you identify what the best job (or career) is more aligned with your personal purpose
We help you assess if freelancing or entrepreneurship is a good choice for you
We guide you through a process to help you discover sources of personal fulfilment

Registration: £75 – £125 (plus Eventbrite fees).

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