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Master the Art of Micro Mindfulness

6th September 2017 · 7:00pm - 8:30pm

In person | Virtual event

 Master the Art of Micro Mindfulness

This event will take you on an exploratory journey through the fascinating world of mindfulness. No matter what your experience, you will gain a deeper understanding of what it means to live mindfully. It will become clear that although ‘micro’ mindfulness can help with the management of daily stressors, the deeper work of mindful living has the true potential to transform our lives. This means learning to live in a way that is more aware, connected and contented.

Demystifying the confusion that often gets in the way of mindfulness training, Tamara Russell will help you get to grips with mindfulness, and to put it to optimal use straight away.

You will learn:

– What mindfulness really means, and its benefits

– Where the practice originated, and its evolution

– How to get the most from mindfulness

– Key tools to foster mindfulness in your life

Tamara Russell is a clinical psychologist, martial artist and neuroscientist, who brings a unique perspective to mindfulness therapy and research. She is director of the Mindfulness Centre of Excellence in London and a lecturer at King’s College London, she is a consultant, trainer and speaker and author of ‘Mindfulness In Motion’ and ‘#What is Mindfulness’.

Tickets £15.

Brockway Room. This room is accessible.

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