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Millions of Times Greener Than Green?

4th October 2015 · 11:00am - 1:00pm

In person | Virtual event

 Millions of Times Greener Than Green?

There is a strong conjecture that climate change and world population numbers are linked. Population growth is driven by poverty and personal incomes are linked to energy poverty. Abundant quantities of clean affordable energy accessible by all nations, particularly those still developing, would bring about a transformation in society at the global scale.

Could such an energy “utopia” ever be realised?

Our speaker, Jasper Tomlinson thinks that this could be possible – and he should know! For he initiated and participated in a recent Government–funded Molten Salt Reactor study, and the results clearly identified a way forward.

In essence, the vast majority of the world’s energy today is harnessed by burning fossil fuels. This involves re-arranging the bonding between carbon, oxygen and hydrogen atoms – but the energy released is only one hundred millionth of that if the nucleus of an atom (e.g. uranium) is split apart. Such a nuclear “fission” process is thereby massively more energy dense than fossil fuel burning, and in this regard leaves traditional renewables standing (e.g. wind, solar)! It remains the key to addressing global energy poverty, in spite of the failure of the first nuclear era that promised energy too cheap to meter and which is now too expensive to afford.

Jasper and his team has shown that a radical innovation in nuclear reactor technology is available for implementation now, safely producing much cheaper electrical energy from a wide range of materials including our existing nuclear waste.

Come and be amazed!

After reading Physics at Oxford, Jasper Tomlinson pursued his early career in science and engineering becoming a senior manager in Vickers Ltd. In the mid-1970s he was an independent consultant in tropical water resource development.

From 2006 he turned his focus to Molten Salt Nuclear Reactor technology and in 2013 secured a £100,000 government award, the outcome of which is the subject of today’s event. He is currently seeking a much bigger grant which would further establish this new era in nuclear technology.

Doors 10.30. Entry £3, £2 concs./free to Conway Hall Ethical Society members.

Tea, coffee & biscuits will be available.

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