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Mind the Product

29th June 2016 · 6:30pm - 9:00pm

In person | Virtual event

 Mind the Product

Our next ProductTank on Wednesday 29 June will be dedicated to “pricing strategies and experiments.” We will have great speakers taking us through product pricing and what’s involved in creating a robust pricing strategy.

This ProductTank has been curated by Monika Turska, who you can find on LinkedIn and Twitter.

This month’s speakers:

James Routledge (Founder at Sanctus)

Talk: “Using Behavioural Economics and Dynamic Pricing with your products”

James will talk about how Silicon Valley is changing the perceived value of product for customers. He’ll give us a flavour of how customer behaviour can be influenced through pricing strategy, providing a list of simple steps so that you can test start test pricing yourselves.

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Anna Kuriakose (CPO at Network Locum)

Talk: “Do you price by modelling numbers or modelling behaviours?”

For some products, pricing isn’t just about modelling numbers – it’s also about modelling behaviours. Anna will give us some examples and learnings about how pricing can fundamentally change how users engage with a product concept.

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Tom Whitwell (Senior Consultant at Fluxx)

Talk: “The first rule of pricing is: you do not talk about pricing”

Prices are a shortcut to our most sensitive emotional response. Tom will talk about his experiences launching The Times paywall and running pricing psychology experiments inside huge companies.

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