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Musicians from ‘Musique à Marsac’

9th October 2016 · 6:30pm - 8:30pm

In person | Virtual event

 Musicians from ‘Musique à Marsac’

Tim Crawford (violin)
Helena Winkelman (violin)
Manuel Hofer (viola)
Chiara Enderle (cello)
Jānis Tretjuks (clarinet)
Alasdair Beatson (piano)

Bach/Mozart Largo and Fugue in Eb K404a/5
Schumann Märchenerzählungen Op.132
Bartók Contrasts Sz.111
Helena Winkelman Bacchanalia
Fauré Piano Quintet No.2 Op.115

A musician’s life is relentless, often with little time out from the hectic practice/rehearse/concert cycle. So when pianist Alasdair Beatson was offered the chance to develop his own summer school cum mini-festival in France, he jumped at the chance. Several years ago while performing for the Haddington Music Society in East Lothian, he met David and Fiona Finch, active members of the society, who invited him to play on their 100 year old Steinway grand and Beatson immediately fell in love with its sound.

In 2011 when Beatson was performing in Provence he visited Marsac and gave an informal concert, greeted with much enthusiasm, so the Finches suggested he put together a piano-based event and Musique a Marsac was born. “As artistic director Alasdair is in total charge of everything”, says Fiona, “we’re just the oil on the wheels; providing the venue, raising the money and looking after everyone.”

The offer was a gift to Beatson who had been mulling over the possibility of creating space to study chamber music in-depth. On his first visit to Marsac, he was struck by how perfect the small village was for this purpose. “It’s a warm, welcoming place, secluded from the rest of the world and protected by the beautiful rolling hills. The freedom and openness of Marsac encourages musicians to have their defences down when they’re here, that’s when the really beautiful work happens.”

“It’s a fantastic thing for all of us as we work together on the great masterpieces of the chamber music repertoire intensively and imaginatively. The younger musicians experience an all too rare bridge between student and professional life while older musicians treasure the luxury of being able to rehearse away from the usual scrutiny of the professional world. We need to remind ourselves we’re not too old, jaded or busy to continue developing and improving as musicians. Ideally the distinction between the two blurs as everyone contributes equally towards a common goal.”

Conway Hall is proud to host a rare London appearance by this collective of top international musicians in a colourful and varied programme spanning more than three hundred years.

Find out more about the performers and repertoire by downloading the evening’s programme

Pre-concert talk introducing the evening’s programme by Alasdair Beatson and Helena Winkelman in the Brockway Room at 5.30pm

Photo of Alasdair Beatson (c) Georgia Bertazzi

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