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Nectar Tasting – personal development for Hummingbirds

6th December 2016 · 6:30pm - 9:30pm

In person | Virtual event

 Nectar Tasting – personal development for Hummingbirds

Are you a Hummingbird?

Are you constantly curious, following wherever your current curiosity leads you? Do you have lots of different interests, people and experiences in your life? Are you constantly flitting from one place to another? Have you had many different jobs, perhaps in different places, different industries, different careers?

If this resonates with you – YOU are a HUMMINGBIRD!

Although you lead a wonderfully full and diverse life you may find that others struggle to understand.

  • Perhaps you are tired of being told to ‘settle down’ or you feel that you will never ‘fit in’.
  • Perhaps you are worried that because your CV has so many different jobs for relatively short periods of time you are becoming ‘unemployable’ or will never earn the kind of money you deserve or get the senior roles you want?
  • Perhaps you are struggling to juggle commitment to family with a deep desire to explore new interests?
  • Perhaps you are disheartened because despite everything you have tried you just cannot find that “one” passion, burning flame or lucid dream to pursue?
  • And you are worried that you are never going to achieve the type of success and life style you dream of?

Well as Hummingbirds we bring something totally unique to the world!

Follow your curiosity and join us for this 3-hour interactive workshop.  Facilitated by Vikki Coombes, the Queen of Hummingbirds herself, where we taste nectar by exploring:

  • the characteristics of Hummingbirds and how this applies to you
  • the value you bring to your work and your relationships
  • the unique ways that you choose to face adversity and why this is important
  • the different ways you choose to be your best SELF in any given situation

Fly into experiencing your own personal growth. Join us in flying upside down!

Early Bird £97, Full price £147

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