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No Frills

8th July 2015 · 7:45pm - 8:45pm

In person | Virtual event

 No Frills

Dotdotdot Dance Company in No Frills

Three dancers, one voice, one guitar and one percussion box.

No Frills is flamenco stripped down to its bare essence.

Through an exploration of a number of its traditional styles in their most evocative form, this show is a celebration of the raw and nuanced energy that flamenco awakens, not only in the dancer but in the spectator too.

Dancers Noemi Luz, Magdalena Mannion and Yinka Esi Graves, seamlessly interweave their individual styles creating a shared flamenco language which is accompanied by Ana Colom’s evocative singing.

No Frills asks the spectator to put aside preconceptions of what flamenco is, instead giving a unique insight into its rhythms, melodies, energy and power.

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