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Sunday Assembly London:
Once You Were A Dinosaur Snack

2nd April 2023 · 11:00am - 1:00pm

Doors open: 10:45am

In person | Virtual event

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Sunday Assembly London: Once You Were A Dinosaur Snack

Scientists have spent years puzzling over the history of humanity. 
Other scientists are curious about our mysterious oddities: why we yawn, what are goosebumps and hiccups, or what’s the point of sunbathing. Lo! We find the answer to one is the answer to the other. You see once upon a time you were a fish, then a mouse, then a monkey… and your body keeps memories of those times. Your 14 billion year story is full of adventures.

Richard Robinson (founder of the Brighton Science Festival) will uncover, with those oddities as clues, along with demonstrations, videos, chat, games and tricks (you will learn how to waggle your ears!)

Please stay after for tea, biscuits, and engaging conversations with members of our community.

Event has passed

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This will be a hybrid event, which means it will be held in-person as well as live-streamed through the Sunday Assembly website, Sunday assemblies are free to attend, but we kindly request that you support us so we can continue to keep it open to those who cannot afford to contribute.

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