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*ONLINE* Bloomsbury Festival: The Mirror Tap

17th October 2020 · 7:30pm - 8:30pm

In person | Virtual event

 *ONLINE* Bloomsbury Festival: The Mirror Tap

** At the time of announcement this is an ONLINE only event — however, subject to future government guidance, Conway Hall and Bloomsbury Festival may make physical tickets available. If this becomes possible we will announce it here, and existing ticket holders will be contacted directly. Please register for an online ticket using the “Book Now” link **

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Physicist Paul Gato had been through a lot. His colleagues called the police, concerned for his safety. His neighbours reported loud bangs and strange sounds coming from his flat. When they finally battered down the door, they found some sort of home-made gun, two mirrors, a vial of LSD and a diary full of ramblings and Feynman diagrams, but Paul had disappeared. In his diary, Gato wrote that the most dangerous thing in the world was to be ‘trapped between mirrors’. Gato had lost his mind but perhaps found something else. Dare you take part in his final experiment?

The Mirror Trap is a short headphone play/experience/installation/horror story about psychology and quantum physics.
Previous audience members have described it as “weird”, “trippy”, “deeply unsettling” and “terribly sad”. It is quite meditative in tone, so don’t expect any jump scares. Some may find some of the content triggering.

After the show there will be a discussion with its creator, Simon Watt, physicist Harry Cliff and psychologist Julia Shaw.

Suitable for ages 14+

FREE – but pre-booking is essential

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