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*ONLINE* Thinking On Sunday: Murdoch – The Man Who Owns the Media

3rd May 2020 · 3:00pm - 4:30pm

In person | Virtual event

 *ONLINE* Thinking On Sunday: Murdoch – The Man Who Owns the Media

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Rupert Murdoch’s extraordinary career has no parallel. His control of Fox news, which so successfully supports the Trump presidency, is a key force in American politics. In the UK, his control of The Sun and The Times leaves politicians scrambling to get him onside.

But what do we know about the man himself?

Tom Roberts’ book The Making of Murdoch: Power, Politics and What Shaped the Man Who Owns the Media looks closely at the Murdochs, focusing on Rupert’s father Keith, who built the family’s media power and cultivated the anti-establishment instincts that his son Rupert is known for. Roberts traces the life of the Murdochs, how Rupert Murdoch’s view of the world was formed, and assesses its impact on the media that influences our politics today. It is published by Bloomsbury Press and available here: LINK

Tom Roberts is a writer, researcher and historian. He holds masters degrees from the University of Westminster and Cambridge University and gained his PhD in modern history from Macquarie University. Based in London, he works with archives and institutions internationally. Roberts’ career to date includes long-term collaborations with the political journalist and author Peter Oborne and the broadcaster Adam Boulton (Editor at Large, Sky News, and political columnist for The Sunday Times).

** This talk will be held online using the Zoom application (available for PC, Mac, iOS and Android). A link to join the talk will be sent to ticketholders on the day of the event. **

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