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Personality vs Individuality: Which one rules your life?

9th June 2016 · 7:00pm - 9:30pm

In person | Virtual event

 Personality vs Individuality: Which one rules your life?

Throughout the years we learn to create masks and a separation between our true inner voice and the world, and as the years pass those masks become thicker and up to a point that often cannot we remember who we actually are.

In this meetup you are invited to look inside yourself and see how you show up to the world. Are you showing up as your truth or are you putting on social masks in order to please others, to look good and not to upset anyone?

Osho has a great quote about this:
‘Personality is bogus, individuality is substantial.
Personality is just a facade, individuality is your truth.
Personality is imposed from the outside; it is a persona, a mask.
Individuality is your reality – it is as God has made you.
Personality is social sophistication, social polishing.
Individuality is raw, wild, strong, with tremendous power.’

So join us to a deep discussion about yourself. You will be encouraged to be yourself without masks. No-one can do it better than you so why try to avoid it?

This Expanding Circle will be hosted by Yaron Engler – come and join us for another thought-provoking, revealing and inspiring evening.

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