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Phil Pearl: God and Mental Toughness

25th April 2016 · 7:00pm - 9:00pm

In person | Virtual event

 Phil Pearl: God and Mental Toughness

Are we crazy to believe in God or crazy not to?

Is our Mental Toughness strengthened by belief in a higher power or are we more resilient without faith?

Life isn’t easy.
How we make sense of existence is crucial to our mental health.

Is psychotherapy, philosophy and coaching the solution to life’s problems or is God the answer?

For many people, their relationship with a personal God helps them make sense of the world and provides meaning to their lives. Some people are more spiritual but not religious, their focus may be on inner peace and connectedness with nature, humanity, transcendence and the divine.  Others shun any notion of God or the supernatural and hold that we alone are the foundation of all values and meaning.

In this seminar I’ll present some research, philosophy and perspectives on God and mental health.  I’ll also be interested to hear your thoughts, experiences and contributions too on:

• God, Spirituality and Mental Health

• Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Religion

• Existential Philosophy, Psychotherapy and God

• Anxiety and God

• The Nature of Belief

• The Leap of Faith

• Abandonment and Atheism

PLEASE NOTE! This talk will contain strong language and adult themes but also humour.

Phil Pearl is a Life and Executive coach, Personal Trainer and Clinical Hypnotherapist. He has been in private practice at Harley Street since 2006. He lectures on Existential Philosophy, Existential Coaching and Cognitive Behaviour Coaching (CBT). His primary focus is Mental Toughness for life. He is the organiser of the following meet up groups UK CBT Group, Sex, Love and Relationships, Mental Toughness.

Anything else you’ve heard about him is a scandalous rumour or probably true.

City CBT Coaching College will provide a continuing professional development (CPD) letter confirming two hours of CPD.

Brockway Room at Conway Hall

NB: We are unable to provide refreshments at this event, please bring a bottle of water or drink with you

Register and Networking 6.30pm

Event Starts 7.00pm

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