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ProductTank July: Working with Legacy systems and Industries

19th July 2017 · 6:30pm - 9:00pm

In person | Virtual event

 ProductTank July: Working with Legacy systems and Industries

This ProductTank has been curated by James Gadsby Peet, Director of Digital at William Joseph and ProductTank London Organiser. You can find James on LinkedIn and Twitter.

This month’s speakers are:

Anna Miedzianowska (Head of Product at Ocado Technology) & Bruno Patriota (Product Owner at Ocado Technology)

Anna & Bruno are passionate product professionals working at Ocado Technologies. They are both strong advocates of a user-centric approach and customer dialogue, and in trying to bring a little order to chaos wherever possible.

Their ‘Legacy Land’ talk will cover – “Why are Legacy systems so frustrating? Why do we ponder about its complexities and constraints? Why does it knock us down so hard when we come across it in our new jobs. Well, we can’t answer all your questions about Legacy Land, but we can surely provide some useful insight on how to deal with it. Most importantly, making it fun and creating the Legacy everyone will talk about.”

Anna – LinkedIn | Twitter
Bruno – LinkedIn | Twitter

Sharon Kean (Product Director at Bloom & Wild)

Sharon is currently building best-in-class user experience and technology that powers flower delivery. It’s a cool idea – beautiful flowers through the letterbox, ordered in under a minute via your digital device of choice.

In her session Sharon will take us through how Bloom & Wild have successfully partnered with a variety of different organisations to power their product and meet the needs of their customers.

LinkedIn | Twitter

Naimish Gohil (Founder of Satchel)

Naimish is CEO and founder of Satchel, the brand behind award-winning Show My Homework which was established in 2011 as market-leading homework software. Trusted in 23 countries to make the creation and management of homework a breeze, the company have since launched powerfully simple integrated apps to create a holistic teaching and learning experience.

Naimish will look at how the team at Satchel have adapted their product & service for the ever-changing edtech market – and what you can learn from their experience.

LinkedIn | Twitter

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