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Psychologically Informed Environments: Therapeutic Regeneration

9th May 2017 · 7:30pm - 9:00pm

In person | Virtual event

 Psychologically Informed Environments: Therapeutic Regeneration

In this provocative talk Dr. Dean Whittington, author of Wrenching Open the Doors of Perception, Beaten into Violence and Psychologically Informed Environments (amongst others), talks about how to generate therapeutic regeneration of those groups previously written off.

By returning to Adler’s breach with Freud, he critiques the current academic obsession of trying to locate various human existential predicaments to an invisible gene, which operates ‘as if’ it has veracity within academia. In critiquing these cultural myths passed within a Ponzi scheme, Whittington instead draws on phenomenology and praxis to look at how children develop ‘schemas of apperception’ to create a private logic and then write a script in relation to the parenting style they are subject to.

He then looks at the role of institutions in generating emotional recovery, rather than managing appearances; a significant challenge for practitioners entrapped within current care systems.

He is the author of Beaten into Violence, The Perpetual Treadmill and Psychologically Informed Environments.Dr Dean Whittington is a psychotherapist who worked extensively on masculinities focusing on childhood trauma, violence, self-medication and relationships whilst working for 16 years in Deptford SE London. Substance use and the links to crime, were the major issues when building and running a detox street agency. Latterly he pioneered psychotherapy with a street homeless population in south London ushering in psychologically informed environments (PIE’s). Currently he works as a trainer and reflective practitioner focusing on gangs, mental health, substance use and extremism whilst lecturing on the Masters Programme on Addiction and Forensic Psychology at South Bank University.
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