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Public Discourse – Debates Are Not The Answer

25th March 2019 · 6:30pm - 8:30pm

In person | Virtual event

 Public Discourse – Debates Are Not The Answer

Today we live in difficult times where tensions and animosity have increased. Brexit and other major issues have caused divisions not seen for decades.

Is part of the reason that we have an adversarial system of public discourse that favours debate over dialogue and thus encourages conflict rather than consensus?

This meeting will look at whether debate has any value in our present society or whether there are other ways of engaging with each other that are more constructive. What we plan to do is put “debate” on trial.

GlobalNet21, The Great Debaters Club and Conway Hall Ethical Society would welcome you joining us in this examination of how we converse with each other in public life.

We hope to have an advocate for debate and another for alternative forms of dialogue with key witnesses on each side. And you the audience will be the Jury.

Details of those involved will appear soon on all involved

This meeting is free to all members of GlobalNet21 but there is a five pounds entrance charge to all others.

This event is in the Main Hall on the ground floor. For accessibility info:

It is part of Conway Hall Ethical Society’s charitable programme and is tax-exempt.

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