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Quit your job and do what you love: Entrepreneurship and Vocational Change

10th May 2016 · 6:30am - 9:00pm

In person | Virtual event

 Quit your job and do what you love: Entrepreneurship and Vocational Change

Imagine a space where meaningful conversations take place. Imagine a circle of people from different walks of life that come together to discuss humanistic, social, philosophical and practical topics they are passionate about or they want to learn more of. Imagine a place where your beliefs are challenged, ideas are exchanged and your thinking is expanded. As the philosophers of the old times did, we sit in a circle and the host sets the topic of conversation for the circle. This particular Expanding Circle will be hosted around the topic of FOLLOWING OUR PASSIONS AND EARNING A LIVING DOING WHAT WE LOVE.

Earning a living doing what we love.

Most of us know that when we play to our strengths and do what we love we are far more likely to succeed. However, a significantly large proportion of people put their passions aside in order to pursue a conventional career that ‘pays the bills’ and they also fall victim to growing older in busy cities that force them to acquire jobs and responsibilities that demand the majority of their time and creative energy. But why do we do this? Are we giving up on our dreams?

Over the last 2-3 years there has been a strong trend that encourages people to break away from the ‘rat race’, join the entrepreneurial revolution and start living a life doing what they love; but this seems a fantasy when we take into consideration the challenges our capitalist society exerts on us and what it really takes to make it on our own. This has left lots of people struggling to meet their needs and arriving at the conclusion that maybe that was not such good idea after all. The questions we then ask ourselves are:

Can we really earn a living doing what we love? What are the chances of success? What does it take? Why do some succeed and others do not?

There is also a fundamental choice we make, consciously or unconsciously, between ‘doing what we love’ and ‘how much we want to earn in our lives’. Do you put money over self-actualisation or fulfilment over money? Can you really strike a balance between the two? Can we really earn a living doing what we love or is this a misleading trend of a generation who are fed up with their monotonous jobs and who are hungry for excitement?

These are some of the questions we will be exploring at the next Expanding Circles. Join us for another inspiring and thought-provoking Expanding Circle, a space where people from different walks of life come together to share their different views and experiences on the topic chosen for the evening. Come and connect with like-minded people and be ready to leave the room inspired and reconsidering your very own understanding of the topic and the fundamentals of life.

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