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Real Life Stories: Falling in love with Cancer

5th July 2016 · 7:00pm - 8:30pm

In person | Virtual event

 Real Life Stories: Falling in love with Cancer

Imagine a space where meaningful conversations take place. Imagine a circle of people from different walks of life that come together to discuss humanistic, social, philosophical and practical topics they are passionate about or they want to learn more of.  That is exactly what Expanding Circles is and for this evening we dive into real life stories and we are bringing Mark Adams, a 37 years-old, marketing consultant who a few weeks ago was diagnosed with Cancer. Mark will be sharing his vulnerable and personal story and he will be telling us how he discovered how to fall in love with cancer.

Falling in love with Cancer

What if everything you long for is behind the very thing you run away from?

A few weeks ago Mark went into A&E and shortly afterwards an NHS consultant sat next to him and told him what should have been the worst news of his life. For about 30 minutes it was, until his perspective naturally and instantly transformed and he started to see very clearly that everything he has ever longed for started to appear around him and within him. His experience following that 30 minutes of fear has been inspirational, energising, deeply calming, fun, hard to compute mentally and above all magic.

In his talk Mark I will share his personal life story and dig deep to go into the insights that have emerged for him, he will share what woke him from the 30 minutes of fear and why and how he feel it was possible. Mark now hopes his story will inspire others to see that they can do the same when they wish to.

Join us for a touching and inspirational Expanding Circle with Mark Adams.

About Mark Adams

Mark is 37 and lives in Poole with his wife Kerry and 6 year old daughter Molly. Prior to hospital he was a self employed marketing and business development consultant. He has since completely dropped that business and stable income to do three things: Relax, explore and embrace optimum health and share his story and insights as far as they will reach. This evening is one of the first times he has done this.

Tickets: £10 (plus booking fee).

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