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Restoring Historical and Cultural Memory

26th October 2017 · 6:30pm - 9:30pm

In person | Virtual event

 Restoring Historical and Cultural Memory

Memory is the processing system by which we store and retrieve information over time, an essential cognitive function of a people or person. Memory shapes our psychology and behaviour. When memories are corrupted one becomes debilitated or maladjusted. That is what the Maafa did to African people; and that is why African historians and scholarship is more critical than ever, to rebuild an archetype of the African soul.

When it comes to ancient African history there is a critically acclaimed vanguard of elders whose research and experience stand above all. One such elder is Anthony T Browder, a world renowned historian, author, lecturer and education consultant. Tony has devoted 35 years to researching ancient Egyptian history, science, philosophy and culture. He is the founder and director if IKG Cultural Resources, travelling to the region 54 times to study how Africans because the architect of civilisation. How WE develop the rudiments of the scientific, religious and philosophical backbones of mankind. IKG also manage the ASA restoration project, which leads in the excavation and restoration of the 2700 year old tombs of Kushite noblemen on the west bank of Luxor.

Over two exclusive evenings in London, come and meet the man, his message and the mythologies of our true culture. In an intimate space of connection and conversation we’ll explore what lead Tony to author six books (including the classic Nile Valley Contributions to Civilisation) and commit his life to educating Africans across the world about their glorious past.

In his own words:

We must be ever mindful that there has never been a culture that achieved greatness by separating itself from its past, and to not know what happened before your were slaves is to always remain a slave

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