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Secret Tunnels of England: Folklore and Fact

9th March 2016 · 7:30pm

Main Hall | Virtual event

 Secret Tunnels of England: Folklore and Fact


N.B. We have a second event on a Saturday for those who missed out. Subterranean Saturday.

So-called secret tunnels are a subject of perennial interest. Are there really labyrinths of hidden passageways under our ancient buildings, towns and cities, or are these tunnel tales another seam of England’s rich folklore?

Antony Clayton, will attempt to sort fact from fiction in this illustrated talk. Antony Clayton is the author of the highly popular Subterranean City, Beneath the Streets of London, described as ‘a modern history masterpiece’. He has given talks on subterranean subjects at the British Library, the ICA, Bishopsgate Institute and Freemasons Hall.

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