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Shame and Envy in the Therapeutic Relationship

19th April 2018 · 7:30pm - 9:00pm

In person | Virtual event

 Shame and Envy in the Therapeutic Relationship

The Adlerian Society is very pleased to welcome back Lennox K. Thomas, Consultant Psychotherapist at the Refugee Therapy Centre, to speak on a topic, he says, he has been mulling over for some time:

“Shame and Envy in the Therapeutic Relationship”

Depth psychology frequently encounters shame and envy that is difficult to engage with. Therapists fear reprisals if they raise this issue, leaving this as a taboo subject in therapy. Often shame is connected to problems in the past, deprivation or poverty that has been difficult to get beyond even though the client has had a materially and emotionally successful life. Envy is the hidden part of the encounter with those people perceived to have had an easy life (including the therapist). Working in the consulting room to transform this is difficult for both client and therapist but can transforming and rewarding. The envious person will never have a true appraisal of their own worth and talents if they hold on to shame and its concomitant envy.

Lennox K. Thomas trained in child development, clinical social work, child and family psychotherapy and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Influenced by his work with children and parents in hospitals and probation, Lennox has an interest in attachment, and transgenerational family trauma.  He is a co-founder and Consultant Psychotherapist at the Refugee Therapy Centre, and a training therapist and supervisor. He was elected Honorary Fellow of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy in 2009.

Admission £7 (concs £4) All welcome. No need to book. CPD certificates are available.

Doors 6pm.

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