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Social Interest, Psychological Wellbeing, Spiritual Growth – Presented by Harvey Gillman

8th January 2019 · 7:30pm - 9:00pm

In person | Virtual event

 Social Interest, Psychological Wellbeing, Spiritual Growth – Presented by Harvey Gillman

Social interest is a key concept in Adlerian psychology for the growth of a healthy human being. The role of the community in the deepening of the spiritual life of humankind is an important aspect of many spiritual traditions. This talk by Harvey Gillman reflects on the contribution of both psychology and spirituality to the relationship of the self and the world at large.

After teaching in secondary education, Harvey Gillman became outreach secretary for Quakers in Britain and then for a number of years was involved in the Adlerian Society of Great Britain. He was also a member of SPIDIR, a network of spiritual directors. He has written and held workshops in Britain, the US, and in several western European countries on the Quaker movement, the nature of the language of religion and mysticism (he is by training a modern linguist), spirituality in general and the relation between psychology and the spiritual life. His latest work, Words, is a compilation of articles examining the ambiguity of key words used in religious circles. He has been influenced by both Buddhist teachings and Jewish mysticism.

In this talk he will explore what we may mean by Social Interest, its key role in Adlerian psychology, and how spiritual/religious traditions may form a basis for social and ecological concern. Harvey sees this as a vital challenge at a time of fragmented individualism, a retreat into a craving for dogmatic certainty, and, at the same time, a suspicion of the grand narratives of politics and religion.”

Admission £10 (concs £5) All welcome. No need to book. CPD certificates are available.

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