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Strategic Antifascism: Where Next for the Movement?

20th June 2019 · 7:00pm - 9:00pm

In person | Virtual event

 Strategic Antifascism: Where Next for the Movement?

Anti-fascism as a reactive movement seldom has the change to reflect and think strategically about how best to counter a growing and increasingly diffuse fascist movement.

Join the team behind the 12 Rules for WHAT podcast for a participatory workshop on fascism, antifascism and the far right as we identify emerging trends in the far right and discuss how a strategic antifascist movement can effectively oppose the spread of new fascisms.

12 Rules for WHAT is a podcast about fascism, the  far right and antifascism. In the podcast we investigate the surreal, disconnected world of the far right, with a view to fighting it. Fighting it requires not only effective organising, but effective thinking as well. We host interviews with comrades, discussions of the main themes of far right theory and practice, and in-depth analyses of particular movements and people within it.

This event is part of Antiuniversity Now Festival 2019 (15-22 June). See the full programme on

This event is in the Library (First floor – unfortunately not wheelchair accessible). For accessibility info:

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