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Street Epistemology – Bill Flavell

21st October 2015 · 7:00pm - 9:00pm

In person | Virtual event

 Street Epistemology – Bill Flavell

Bill Flavell will give an introduction to the techniques involved in Street Epistemology with video examples and discusses how it works.

Whilst atheists have acclaimed it as revolutionary, believers have called it an ambush!

In November 2013, Peter Boghossian published his book A Manual for Creating Atheists. It set out a method he calls Street Epistemology which is a set of research-based techniques that promote polite and friendly discussions between believers and atheists. Crucially, it can help believers become more open to considering the truth of their beliefs, something which rarely happens in traditional debates or discussions.

After a career in management consultancy and information technology, Bill Flavell puts his communication and problem-solving skills to use by helping people sharpen their critical thinking, particularly in relation to core beliefs such as cultural values and religion.

Bill has an active Facebook page for which he create memes, writes articles and engages in on-line debates. He lectures at universities around the world and presents or debates at public meetings.

He draws on his management consultancy background to help free-thought groups, almost anywhere in the world, to get organised, develop strategy and improve their media and presentation skills.

Bill’s book, The Pocket Atheist will be published later this year.

Please arrive early to enjoy a glass of wine from our charity wine bar and mingle.

Donations to the wine bar will go to Bill’s chosen charity.

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